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   Chapter 282 Leila Is Pregnant

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Charles was stunned for a while. He guessed that Leila must not be pregnant. Although he tried to deceive himself, he still chose to believe that Leila was just having a stomachache.

When they arrived at the hospital, Charles took Leila to the surgical department. He had worked in this hospital before, and the shares of the Qiao family also belonged to this hospital. He pointed to one of the nurses and said, "give her a general check-up!"

"Charles, is it necessary?" Standing by the side of Charles, Leila was weak now. She even didn't feel comfortable if she had stood for a long time. She didn't have extra energy to deal with the complicated physical examination.

Charles thought for a while, trying to make sure of Leila's stomach and pregnancy. He nodded and told the nurse to take her to do only two examinations. Looking at her back, Charles suddenly felt scared. No matter what the result was, he would face it with her.

Leila's stomach had been taken to the obstetrics and gynecology department by a nurse. A middle-aged woman in her forties sat opposite Leila and stared at her pale face for a long time. "Is your period normal?"

It took Leila a while to recall it. She hadn't been here since the last time. After so many things happened before, she even forgot about this. She thought about the time, and shook her head, "it seems that the plan was postponed this month!"

As for how long it had been delayed, she didn't know.

The woman nodded, "disgusting, retching, and vomiting... Do you have these symptoms?"

Leila nodded, and the woman opposite passed a piece of paper to her, "go to do an examination."

A nurse took Leila to the examination room. After a series of examinations, Leila sat down in front of the middle-aged woman again with the examination report.

The woman took the form and looked at it. "You're pregnant."

Leila trembled with fear. She looked at the middle-aged woman nervously, "how could that be?"

"You've been pregnant for two weeks."

The middle-aged woman was expressionless. From the shocked expression of Leila, she could not see any hint of joy. She had been used to such kind of things, those were just the people who did not get married and lived together.

Leila took the test result sheet and walked to Charles slowly. He found her abnormality, "Leila, how is it going?"

Leila shook her head. Charles pulled the test report from her hand and looked at it carefully. His face was pale. After all, he was afraid that something bad would happen.

Suddenly, she grasped Charles's hand nervously. "I'm pregnant. What should I do?"

Hearing that, Charles was stunned for a while. A glimmer of sly light flashed across his eyes. Since Max had given up her, would she give up Max's child too? "Leila, do you plan to..."

Or no? Charles didn't have the heart to continue. It was his duty to save lives and heal the wounded, but he wanted Leila to give up the child selfishly at this time. He felt very guilty and bowed his head in pain.

Leila touched her belly.

hair to the direction of Leila, Leila turned back and looked at him coldly!

Leila's heart was beating fast. She looked at Matt quietly, without hatred or disgust.

"You really don't want this apartment? It's useless to keep it. Max will buy a new house after he gets engaged to Rosa. "

Leila's face was pale. She didn't expect that Matt would say that to her. She slightly lifted the corners of her mouth and said, "it's none of my business."

Matt let out a cold snort. He had thought that it would be a blow to Leila. He didn't expect her to be so powerful. "That's the best. I don't know if you've taken something with you."

Leila coldly glanced at Matt, "you're so good at making fun of me. Although my family is not as good as yours, I didn't do anything stealthy. How mean you are to steal a man's heart!"

Obviously, Matt's face twitched a little. "Hope so!"

Seeing Leila leave, he somewhat admired this woman. After such a thing happened, she did not cry or rush to the heaven. She just calmly thought about a few days before moving out. It was the first time he had seen such a decisive woman, but she had no luck to be his Mu

family's daughter-in-law.

Matt walked around in the apartment and found everything was there. He knew Leila was not for money though he kept emphasizing that the reason she was with Max was for money.

When he went to the study and saw the diamond ring on the desk, Matt confirmed his thought again. He liked Leila in the first place and planned to give her the apartment as a defense. But now it seemed that Leila didn't need it at all. She had already decided to give up the relationship.

Matt picked up the diamond ring on the desk and left the villa. He just came here to check if Leila stayed here. As a result, he saw Leila leave. She didn't take away the expensive women's clothes and jewelry in the closet. He was gratified. It seemed that his son didn't love the wrong person. It was just that Leila had too much trouble, and she was not suitable to stay with Max.

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