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   Chapter 280 Where Was Max

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9873

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When the maids put the dishes on the table, Leila had no appetite to eat and eat a few mouthfuls of food casually. She raised her head and looked at Charles eagerly, "Charles, can you tell me now?"

Charles stared at Leila's pale face. He thought for a while and said, "I went to the hospital. But someone told me that he wasn't in the hospital and Zed was missing too! "

be missing?

The chopsticks slipped from Leila's hand. She looked at Charles in front of her out of control, "how could that be possible? How did it happen? "

Charles nodded. He knew Leila very well. As a wise person, she should have guessed that all these may be Matt's arrangement, in order to prevent Max and Leila from being together.

Tears streamed down Leila's face. At this moment, she had guessed that all these may be done by Matt. She wiped her tears hard and said, "I know."

The haggard figure was about to fall upstairs. Charles looked deeply at her back, and Charles followed her. "Leila, are you okay? Don't worry that I will keep inquiring about it."

Leila gave him a grateful look. "Thank you, Charles. I'm fine!"

The woman came back to the room. She looked around and found that there was nobody except her in the room. It seemed that she could still see the shadow of Max everywhere in the room.

Charles knocked on the bedroom door. Seeing the tears on Leila's face, he walked over and wanted to hold her in his arms. But she stepped back two steps. "Charles, don't be like this. He doesn't like it!"

The man painfully looked at Leila, "Leila, you..."

Leila shook her head, wiped away her tears and said, "Charles, don't worry about me. I know these are not his words. It's his father who wants to stop us from being together."

Charles was speechless. He didn't know what was the truth, but he was sure that Matt didn't want to complicate the matter, even hiding the fact from Leila.

He patted on Leila's shoulder, "all right, Leila. Have a good rest. These things will pass."

The man turned around and walked out. Leila took a few deep breaths, standing on the balcony and looking up at the starry sky. In that starry night, they kissed at the highest point of the city. She said she loved him in his ear, and her tears fell again.

With a surge in her stomach, Leila rushed into the bathroom. After vomiting, the woman looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was pale and her hair hanging down. Even she was shocked. She washed her face with cold water. She shouldn't be decadent like this. These were just Matt's thoughts. As long as Max was completed, he would definitely come back to find her.

She was worried about him.

In the intensive care unit of the hospital, after several days of coma, Max finally woke up. His face looked pale because of excessive blood loss. When he opened his eyes, he found that there was only Rosa sitting on the edge of the bed. His eyes slid down a little.

"Max, you finally

maid, indicating that she could go down now. The maid quickly left the living room after getting the amnesty. There were only two people in the living room at this time, Charles and Leila. It was very quiet and terrible.

"Charles, tell me!" Leila's tone was harsh. She looked coldly at the man in front of her. They grew up together. But this man was lying to her. "Are we still best friends?"

best friends? Charles sadly stared at Leila and said, "Leila, don't do that. I'm just worried about you!"

With her hands gripping his shoulders, Leila asked, "Charles, tell me!"

"Leila, he's going to be engaged to Miss Bai. The news was released this morning!" said Charles as he bit his lips, as if he had made up his mind

Leila looked straight into Charles's eyes while biting her lips to restrain her tears. Then she asked, "he's going to be engaged with Miss Bai?"

Charles clenched his fists and nodded. There was nothing he could do when he saw the sadness in Leila's eyes. He tried to hold her in his arms, but she pushed him away. "No, I have to ask him!"

Obstinate as Leila was, she would never allow her love to die for such an unclear reason. It seemed that Max's words were still around her ears. But she did not expect that everything had changed in just a few days.

Charles walked out following Leila. He drove slowly, following Leila slowly.

In front of several stalls in the downtown, Leila was absorbed in the news that the CEO of Mu group, Max and Rosa were going to get married. She couldn't believe it. Reading several magazines, she got the same answer from the newspapers.

She held the newspaper tightly. "You can't do this to me, Max!"

Leila walked towards the direction of the Mu Group. Charles followed her in his car. The moment he saw Leila walk into the Mu Group, he got out of the car and followed her.

Before Leila entered the hall, she was stopped by the security. "I'm sorry, Miss Song. You couldn't come in."

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