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   Chapter 279 It's You Again

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9900

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Leila had brought the medical kit. She saw Charles cut Max's clothes to stop the bleeding and then Leila picked up the phone to call an ambulance.

In a few minutes, blood was stopped at Max's bleeding wound, which seemed to be a long century. When he was carried into the ambulance did Charles, along with Leila, follow up.

Leila burst into tears silently, holding Max's hands. She had thought that Max was fine, but she didn't expect such a thing to happen.

Because Charles was a doctor, he was involved in the first-aid of Max in the ambulance. Max stared at Charles's eyes and said, "watch out for her. Don't let her get hit again!"

Hearing this, Leila's heart trembled, and tears streamed down her cheeks. She never thought that the man still remembered her until now. The man held her hands in his, "you are my woman. If you are bullied, only I can bully you, no one else can!"

Leila nodded with force. She had gained more love than being bullied. How could she not know about the consideration and consideration of Max.

In the hospital, Leila felt powerless to watch Max sent to the operating room.

When Rosa come with Matt hurriedly, Matt saw Leila, he knew everything. "Leila, it's you again!"

While walking towards Leila with an unfriendly face, Rosa detested Leila as soon as she found out that Max was not in the ward. She couldn't believe that Max would even give up his life for Leila, thinking that how pathetic she was. When she looked after him in the ward, he was unwilling to speak.

"Leila, don't you know you are killing him?" Suppressed anger, wing had lost her mind. Rosa shouted at Leila. Though she didn't have much love with Max, but looking around, the people who were worthy of her were the best. Max, she would not allow others to destroy her things.

With a livid face, Matt was angry. Max ran out of the hospital and bled a lot. With the new wound and the old illness, even Max's health couldn't bear it. Zed came out of the operating room with a livid face. "Max have lost too much blood and passed out in a coma!"

Matt looked at Leila coldly, and said, "I don't think you love him. You are hurting him!"

Leila didn't expect that Max would be so badly hurt. Standing on one side, she trembled and tears were running down from her cheeks. Seeing this, Charles felt so sorry for her. Since this woman had been under the spotlight, no wonder Max would say something like that to him.

"Uncle didn't want you to go to the hospital. It's for your own good. Max couldn't have seen you. Get out of here now!" Rosa reprimanded

The reason why Rosa did this to Leila was that she wanted Leila to leave now. She would have no chance to see Max once he woke up.

"I want to wait here for him to wake up!" Leila said firmly, "I will wait for him to wake up here!"

"Fuck off! Do you think you haven't hurt enough of him? " Matt's voice was cold and piercing. He was very uneasy when Max's condition g

ctly that Leila was worried about Max.

Charles went to the hospital where Max was and got some information about him. But he was told that there was no one named Max in the hospital and there was no record of Max's medical record either. So he grabbed the nurse's arm and asked, "what about Zed?"

The nurse still shook her head.

Charles stood where he was, looking a little disappointed. It seemed that Mu family deliberately concealed Max's disease this time. He leaned against the wall feebly, which was undoubtedly the biggest blow to Leila.

Charles didn't want to give up so easily. He checked again in the hospital, but the result was still the same. It seemed that the Mu family was deliberately hiding these, and their target was Leila.

The man lit a cigarette and gloomily sat in the car. He didn't have the heart to tell this result to Leila because he didn't want to see her sad face.

It was getting dark. Charles looked outside and didn't start the car until it was dark. Leila was afraid of darkness and he wanted to accompany her.

When the night fell, Leila curled up in the big bed of her room. At this time, she missed the days with Max even more. That man knew that she was afraid of darkness, so he would always appear in time by her side. Now the room was dark, so Leila hoped that he would appear all of a sudden, tightly hugging her and telling her not to be afraid. But how was Max now?

A car sounded in the courtyard. Leila got out of bed barefoot, standing on the balcony and looking at Charles. Regardless of the darkness behind her, she rushed downstairs. "Charles, you're back. How is he?"

Charles felt sorry for Leila, but he didn't plan to tell her the truth at once. "Leila, have you had your dinner yet? You look so pale. You should eat first."

Leila grasped his arm nervously, "Charles, tell me first."

The man had no choice but pulled Leila to sit at the table, "Leila, eat something first. I will tell you!"

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