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   Chapter 274 Getting Worse

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9687

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Leila didn't have a good appetite. She went upstairs quickly after eating something.

It was a little cold at night. Leila stared at the stars in the sky. Her mind was full of what had happened recently. She stared at the stars, deep in thought.

When Max came upstairs, he saw Leila raising her head to look at the starry sky. The man knew that she must be in a bad mood, so he held her from behind, "what are you thinking about? Are you still thinking about the Lian family? "

Leila suddenly turned to put her arms around the man's waist. "Promise me, don't do any unreasonable things for me. I don't want to see you do so much things. I'm so scared and worried today when I see you get hurt."

A satisfied smile appeared on Max's face. His little woman finally gave her heart to him. He lowered his head and kissed her lips until both of them were slightly panting. The man's slender fingers rubbed her glittering lips. "You sleep first. I'll go to my study for a while."

With intoxicated eyes, Leila watched the man's back disappear at the door. She breathed a sigh of relief. No matter how the future would be, as long as they were firm in their own will.

As for the rest, they could only wait and see.

His face was pale. Max took the medicine out of a hidden drawer and drank it. Zed had told him that his illness would worsen if he started to take medicines when he was not feeling well. His relationship with Leila had just eased. He didn't want to tell Leila about it, nor did he want her to worry about him!

Max didn't come back to the room until midnight. Leila was sleeping soundly in the bed. Max's body clung to hers, and Leila wriggled uneasily. Max's eyes were filled with eagerness. "Good girl, it's me."

As Leila nestled in Max's arms, Max suddenly came up with an idea. He couldn't wait to kiss her. Leila soon became weak in the man's arms, and they hugged each other very quickly.

When Leila opened her eyes tiredly, sitting on the bed, sitting next to the man, Max leaned against the bed and read the documents. "Mr. Mu, I'm so tired. I won't go to the company with you today!"

Sitting on the edge of the bed and looking at Leila with a sense of loss, Max asked, "are you tired? Everyday? "

Leila nodded.

"Leila!" Max leaned to Leila and asked, "Are you pregnant?"

Leila lay prone on the bed languidly, it was only a dozen days away from the last time, how could it be so fast?

"I'm just too tired. Who asked you to..."

Hearing that, an idea flashed across Max's face in an instant. Stretching out his hand, he patted on Leila's little face gently. "OK, OK. It will come sooner or later. Don't have any mental burden. Have a good rest. I'll go to work. "

After talking a few more words with Leila, Max drove to the company. As for Leila, she turned over and continued to sleep, but it was not easy for her to sleep well without

on of the doorway. Following her gaze, Max found that Rosa was standing at the doorway, without scruple and with a pair of eyes fixed on the two people in the room. Max released the woman and walked to the door. "What's the matter?"

The man was wearing a long face. He disliked her not only because of Matt's sudden appearance, but also because of Rosa's sneaky glance at their intimate interaction.

"Uncle asked you to get out of here." Rosa stared at Max without any fear.

"Is there anything else?" Max asked Rosa.

Rosa was stunned for a moment. She had thought that Max would come with her, but the man's indifferent tone kept her away. The grievance and unwillingness filled her heart. She turned around angrily.

So Max turned back to the bedroom. Leila was still drowsy in her bed. The woman in front of him looked like a lazy cat, but she was as

Pregnant? This idea flashed through Max's mind. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he fiddled with the woman's hair. "Honey, have a good rest. Come down for lunch later."

Leila closed her eyes and nodded. Meanwhile, Max closed the door of the room.

After waiting for a while, Matt got angry with Max again when he saw Max's coming downstairs. "You bastard. Why can't you have sex with women other time? Why do you have to put me here at this time?"

"Max, don't get me wrong. I said nothing," said Rosa while Max casting a glance at her.

"That's enough, Rosa. Don't speak for him. I will come to see you today. Remember to see the doctor for the wound on your hand."

Seeing that Max was disobedient and had a bad attitude to him, Matt had lost a son, and he was more afraid that he would lose this son, so he could only take a roundabout way.

Max nodded, "thank you, father."

Although Max tried to be polite, he knew that their relationship was not so good, especially in personality, Matt wouldn't let go of Leila so easily. "About Leila..."

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