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   Chapter 266 Tipped The Commander Off

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9709

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Leila looked at Max, with a serious look on his face. She nodded slightly and asked, "When did you come?"

If Max came here, he would see Charles. She looked at the door, and the man seemed to have understood her thoughts. "Doctor Qiao is busy. He has left."

Leila blinked innocently. He meant that he had just met with Charles, so Max must have met with him. These two men would quarrel every time they met, and this time was no exception.


Holding Leila's shoulder, Max said, "All right. I know you met by chance." Although on the surface he didn't mind it, Max still felt a little uncomfortable in his heart. His woman could not allow others to covet!

At this moment, he wished he could marry Leila immediately and let those people give up early.

Dressed in a black dress and wearing a wide pair of sunglasses, Rosa appeared at the coffee shop. She sat in the corner and began to dress up in particular. Usually, she seldom wore black clothes, but today she didn't want to attract any attention.

Wearing a sexy fiery red dress, Daisy slowly walked towards the corner. When she saw the woman waiting there, she smiled and said, "Miss Bai, I've heard a lot about you!"

The woman looked at the woman with exquisite makeup, and she proudly looked at the woman in front of her. The arrogant woman of the Bai family took the initiative to come to her. In addition to surprise, she was more curious why the arrogant woman would come to her.

Although she was now the illegitimate daughter of the chairman of Thousand Ming group, and used to be the second daughter of the Song Group, and also a member of a prestigious family, Daisy did not look like a daughter of a rich family at all, and she seemed to be a bit of a dust.

She looked at Daisy in disdain. Although she did not like this woman, it was not a time to be emotional. She stirred the coffee in front of her elegantly and motioned the woman to sit down and talk.

Daisy ordered a cup of coffee and sat down. She didn't know Rosa well, and now she was even more curious about her purpose. "I don't know Miss Bai is looking for me..."

Rosa took a sip of her coffee gracefully and said, "Max and your sister are getting married."

Daisy's hand was stirring the coffee. She paused. The woman was about to get married, whose marriage object was Max. If she was not jealous of it, then it was not because of love, but because of revenge. She and Astrid actually took her to the bed of Max. Now she was about to be Mrs. Mu, but there was no progress with her and Veron. She had even stirred up trouble. Although her status was higher than before, she was still an illegitimate daughter, not as good as Mrs. Mu.

She fiercely threw the spoon into the cup and made a crisp sound, "Get married? That woman doesn't deserve his love. "

As expected, this woman never lessened her hatred for Leila. With a smile, Rosa said, "

ch, Max was in a good mood and got into the car with the woman. "Where are we going?"

The car stopped in front of the building of the Mu Group. Leila hesitated and refused to get off, as if she knew what would happen next.

The man looked at her. Leila looked at the man in front of her in a strange way, with her eyes full of reluctance.

Max got off the car and went to her side. Max opened the door and said, "do you need my help?"

Worried, Leila got out of the car right away and rushed into the elevator. The narrow space became warmer quickly because there were only the two of them in the elevator. The man's big hand fumbled on her body restlessly, but Leila was tightly held by a hand. "It seems that I have to speed up. If my father knows that I'm cheating him"

Shocked for a while, Leila didn't struggle any more. She knew that it was all because that Max had lied to him. Now she had to bear it.

When the elevator arrived at the CEO's office, Leila had already gone limp and leaned on the man. With a successful smile, Max held her to the lounge.

Daisy stumbled into the office of Veron. Her wound, which had almost healed, was uncovered once again due to Rosa's words. Besides pain, what was more humiliation was that Leila could cry out the wind by taking advantage of Max, but she didn't expect that it was still a mistake to take Veron over.

With a cold face, Daisy walked up to Veron. At this time, Veron was busy with his work. Although they had been engaged, there were more and more conflicts between them, only the superficial conflicts between them.

"What are you doing here?" said Veron with a frown, as he looked up at Daisy.

After walking around in the office of Veron, Daisy took a seat opposite to the man and said, "you're right. I didn't expect my fiance to know how to work hard, but no matter how hard you work, it's not as important as Max. I advise you not to waste your time!"

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