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   Chapter 265 Are You Really Going To Get Married

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There was nothing to do with Matt, so Max left with Leila.

After the two left, with red and tearful eyes, Rosa went back to the ward. When she was with Max, he didn't treat her like this. He didn't even tell her anything about marriage. Even if he was just joking, he didn't call her Mrs. Mu. But now he gave Leila the Title of Mrs. Mu so easily.

"Well, if you are not willing to give up, then fight for it. You shouldn't have given up so easily,"

After a moment of silence, Rosa looked at her crumpled clothes. Even Matt could read her mind. Embarrassed, she lowered her head and stammered, "I..."

"I know what's on your mind. How could you have left so easily? Are you very unhappy to see that he spoils other women now?"

Now, Matt had seen through Rosa's thoughts. She felt both embarrassed and unwilling. How could he spoil Leila, while treat her so indifferently? She hadn't met such a thing yet, and her heart was filled with hatred towards Leila.

If it wasn't for this woman, their relationship would not be like this, and they might have been in love for a long time. All of this was changed because of the appearance of Leila.

The next morning, the sunlight slanted through the thick curtains to the floor of the bedroom, which made Max open his eyes and lean against the head of the bed, looking at the sleeping little woman beside him. Even though it was time to get up, he still didn't want to get up.

The long kiss fell on Leila's lips. The little woman turned her head in a fret. That night she was so tired because of the man's torture, and Leila's eyelids were so heavy. No matter who it was, she pushed the man's face away with her hand.

Annoyed, Leila opened her eyes and looked at Max. "You're awake?" she smiled

A kiss fell on the woman's lips again, as if her lips had something magical that Max could not be extricated as long as touched.

Leila turned over and checked the time. Suddenly she turned around and said to Max, "it's time for you to go to work!"

The man was enjoying the sweet time with Leila. Suddenly, he found that he couldn't bear to leave Leila no matter how hard he tried. "Go to the company with me!"

The man's words were indisputable. Leila turned over to him and expressed her objection, "I I want to go to the hospital to visit my mother today. "

A trace of disappointment flashed through Max's eyes, as if a painful department of his heart had collapsed. "I'll go with you."

Leila pouted in protest. She had tried so hard to forget the romantic time last night. Now all she wanted was to see her mother and calm herself down.

"Mr. Mu, you'd better go to work as I told you to, or your father Senior Mr. Mu will blame me."

Max had to stop, though Max didn't want to be castigated by Matt either. After getting washed, Max took Leila to have breakfast.

"Why haven't you gone to the company?"

Leila was wiping the c

ndifference from the woman, Charles felt a pain in his heart. It was not difficult to understand why. After all, she was going to get married.

Leila trembled at his words. Charles was waiting for her. She took a deep look at him and said, "Thank you for visiting my mom."

When Max arrived at the hospital, he saw Charles standing in the corridor, looking preoccupied. Max walked past him and entered the ward. "I really hope that you can wake up as soon as possible, mom. If you can see me get married," he said.

Something occurred to Max. Max turned around and saw Charles walking out of the door. Seeing his intention, Charles followed the man.

"You got a doctor's degree, and I think you can deal with it,"

Max stared into the distance with his arms crossed over his chest.

Charles slightly lifted the corners of his mouth, "It seems that Mr. Mu is very worried about aunt's health."

"I think Dr. Qiao should get married as soon as possible," said Max, with a smile of triumph on his face.

The man had understood Charles's love for Leila. Although Leila belonged to him now, he didn't want others to covet his woman.

"Aunt has not recovered yet. I have contacted the hospital in England. If possible..."

All of a sudden, Max turned to stare at Charles and said, "Hope we won't be disappointed with Dr. Qiao."

The man strode into the ward. Charles stared at the man's back. It was obvious that the game between the two just now had been playing, and Max already knew his thoughts.

"Mom, I really hope you can get up soon to see how I look like in wedding dress. Didn't you always want to see me get married?"

Leila's eyes twinkled when she held Lillian's hand. Lillian had lived in hospital for months, but she didn't get better. Leila had a bad feeling about it.

The man suddenly hugged her shoulders with his hands and comforted, "Honey, don't think too much. Your mother will recover soon."

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