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   Chapter 263 If The Baby Is Gone

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Leila struggled out of his arms, "I'm not pregnant!"

Max gently stroked her ear and said, "Don't worry. I will make you pregnant very soon."

Leila had a heavy heart. Max was too confident. Although she felt delighted when she heard the last word of Senior Mr. Mu, she was still worried. What if her secret was revealed before she got pregnant?

She gave a hard punch on Max's body and said, "don't lie in the future!"

When the elevator door opened, Leila wanted to push the man away, but he was so strong that she couldn't get rid of him. Even if there was no one else, she couldn't feel at ease to hug him.

"It's time for you to work. You should do this after going back to the apartment at night." Said Leila, with her hands putting on his shoulder.

With a sly smile on his lips, Max touched his smooth chin and looked at Leila. Sometimes, there was something like this: when Leila was around him, he couldn't concentrate on his work; his mind was full of the ideas of making love with her, so no matter how Leila opposed to it.


After a fierce sex, Max got dressed and went out to work, while Leila slept soundly in the lounge.

Standing in front of the French window and looking at everything outside, Max thought about the fact that Leila had been lying in the lounge. The man gave a smile. This was probably the life he wanted.

As soon as Robert came in, he saw the tall figure of the man, who was squinting on the ground. "What happened?"

Max didn't turn around immediately, but put his hands in his pockets. "Where shall we hold the wedding ceremony?" He asked.

Shrugging, Robert added, "don't ask me about it. I don't know."

All of a sudden, Max turned around and stared at Robert. He wanted to give Leila a surprise, because he didn't want that woman to know all of this now. But he was inexperienced. The only person who could help him out was Robert. He didn't expect that Robert was so indifferent that he gave no advice.

"Are you sure that Senior Mr. Mu will really let you get married?"

"What do you mean?"

Now all Max wanted was to propose to Leila and then get married as soon as possible. As for other things, such as Leila's pregnancy, he believed that she would be pregnant sooner or later, but now the urgent thing was to get married.

Robert closed his mouth. He knew that now there was nothing but the thought of getting married in Max's mind, so he naturally dared not touch the edge of Max's rebellious attitude. "I haven't seen any big movement from Spencer recently. It seems that he was severely hurt this time."

"He deserves it!"

The man looked at Robert with cold eyes. There was something wrong with the man today. "Did Matt say anything to you?"

Suddenly the man's big hand held her small hand tightly, and a playful smile appeared on his face. "Why are you jealous?"

Leila looked out of the window and murmured, "have you really loved someone? Do you know how it feels to love someone?"

These words were like what she said to Max, and also to herself. Perhaps, when she fell in love with a person, she would become sensitive and fragile. Just like her, when she saw Rosa hugging Max, she felt so heavy that she could not breathe and could not bear to go forward to push the woman away.

His lips were pressed together tightly. He knew that Leila was angry about what happened this morning, but he didn't want to explain. Such a thing would never happen again in the future.

"This kind of thing will never happen in the future!"

She didn't know what was going on until a long time had passed, but she heard it clearly.

The atmosphere in the car was somewhat dull. The two people were both silent, with their own thoughts on their minds. Lena never liked to explain, and she would only prove it with her own deeds. But he didn't know that Leila had been waiting for his explanation. Did she want to know what they had talked about?

When the car arrived at the door of the restaurant, Lena suddenly turned around and asked, "what are you thinking about?"

The car had been parked in front of the restaurant for five minutes, but Leila didn't seem to notice. "If I didn't call you, would you find that we were already here?"

Leila was stunned and shook her head. The answer she expected was probably not going to hear from Max. She took a deep breath and stared at the man in front of her. She couldn't help touching his cheek.

A smile appeared on Max's face. It seemed that his little woman would be very unhappy if he didn't explain to her.

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