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   Chapter 261 Coming Across Rosa

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Hearing that, Max took a look at her and thought that Leila wasn't the kind of person who would submit to any offence. "What if he scolds you again?" he asked.

Leila blinked innocently. She looked at Max seriously and said, "if he wants to scold me, just let him be. As long as he is happy and doesn't treat you bad, that's okay."

A sudden thought came to his mind, which never occurred to Max. "What do you mean?" he asked.

Leila signed slightly. Since both of them wanted to be together and get married, she didn't want to hide anything from him. "He's your father. I hope we can get his blessing in our marriage."

If it was not because Matt was too independent, perhaps Max would not quarrel with him so righteously, and she must work hard to be together with him. No matter what, she wanted to first mediate the relationship between the father and son.

"Are you trying to stand by my side? "

Leila nodded her head heavily. According to her character, she loved whoever she liked. She would not hide her feelings nor cheat her heart.

When the car arrived at the hospital, Leila gave a few more orders to Max. The man just took her hand and walked towards the ward, but he didn't seem to listen to what she said.

When he opened the door of the ward, Matt was in a good mood to see Max. Taking a look at him, he said, "you finally come to see me!"

Rosa was sitting on Matt's bed and chatting with him. When she heard that Max has come, she stood up excitedly. Then the two saw Leila who was standing behind Max at the same time.

Max walked into the room, followed by Leila. When Matt saw her, he sneered, "you can come here. Why do you bring her here?"

He knew his son too well by saying that. He had never seen his son be together with any woman and even disobey him. This had never happened before, but everything had changed since Leila appeared.

Without getting angry, Leila walked to the bedside and poured out the chicken soup. She blew on the soup carefully as she was blowing. "Uncle, please eat something."

Matt turned his head away in a cold manner. Seeing that, Rosa came to mediate, "Miss Leila, uncle has already had something to eat, so..."

Leila understood what she meant, and she also knew what Matt meant. No matter whether he had eaten or not, she would end up the same. She awkwardly packed up her belongings and placed them on the bedside. "Uncle, you can eat when you want to eat."

Leila walked to Max in embarrassment. It seemed that only when she stood beside this man could she feel safe. With a long face, Max looked very angry. He didn't expect that his father was so ill that he still bore grudges against Leila. His woman could not bear criticism, even Matt.

Holding Leila's hand, Max looked at Matt. Except for his livid face because of anger, there was no sign of illness on his face. "It seems that my father has recovered well. We should leave now

"I didn't expect you to be afraid of the wound."

Leila came out with a pale face, still wearing a playful smile. Max turned to look at her, "not afraid, but distressed!"

There was an awkward silence between them. Leila was still thinking about what he said. Distressed? Was this man really feeling bad for her?

She couldn't believe it as she walked very slowly with a man holding her hand. Looking at the man's high figure in front of her, she inexplicably wanted to cry. How long had it been since anyone said such warm words to her? In the past, she always hid herself away. She felt very tired. Now she finally had a man to rely on.

Turning around to look at her in a daze, Max didn't expect that Leila would bump into the man's chest. He said with a playful smile, "I didn't expect you would actively hook up with me in the daytime."

Leila's face turned red. She grumbled, "I think you are thinking too much."

Max was about to take Leila directly to the company, but she insisted on turning back and telling Matt yet Max disagreed, but Leila insisted. So Max went back to the ward unwillingly.

Rosa was looking after Matt with chicken soup in her hands. When they came in, Matt knocked over the lunch box with a cold snort and asked, "why did you come back?"

Apparently, what Matt had done was all against Leila. Leila wasn't angry, "uncle, you misunderstood us. Max just took me to change the dressing."

Matt felt a little better. Just now, when he was agitated by Rosa's words, he almost thought that Max had taken that woman away without saying goodbye to him. Now, when he met Max again, he was in a good mood. After all, he was his biological son. No matter how annoying he was, he had to give up to blood of kinship.

A gloomy face was shown by Max. After staring at him for a while, he realized that Matt had gone too far. "What you have just eaten is ok. If you like it, I can send it to you every day."

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