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   Chapter 257 Wendi is pregnant

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When they arrived at the hospital, Max couldn't wait to pull Leila's car out of the car. He found an acquaintance, Max pointed at Leila, and said, "Check her why she can't get pregnant!"

Leila was very embarrassed. She stood still with a red face. Then she looked at Max, who looked normal as if this matter had nothing to do with him.

Leila was taken to the hospital for inspection by nurse. Zed looked at him in surprise, "Have you really decided to settle down this time?"

"If possible, I wish I could have a baby as soon as possible," said Max with great satisfaction

"Your health is the most important thing!"

Max raised his eyebrows. "You mean I'm not healthy?"

Zed shrugged and said, "I mean you should pay more attention to your body and your heart."

Leila came in with a flushed face. She felt so ashamed that she didn't dare to look at the man's face. Could it be said that all the men attributed it to her? It was so unfair. What if it was the problem of the man?

She didn't dare to say these words, but lowered her head and kept silent.

"I'm okay," said Max, who came over and took her hand with a face full of pampering.

Taking a look at Leila, Zed knew that Max might listen to this woman and said, "Take good care of him and restrain yourself!"

Leila was ashamed to death. Her smile was as red as blood, while Max's eyes were deep. She gave Zed a stare. His woman could not be offended.

But Leila nodded, "He can't drink or smoke. Control himself. What else do we need to pay attention to?"

Zed raised his eyebrows. Usually, few people would care about Max's body so much. Even Rosa might not know that Max had a bad heart. But to his surprise, the woman showed an evil smile on the man's face. "Control yourself during the day. As for the evening, do it as you like!"

Leila realized that the doctor was just making fun of her. She was speechless. The doctor was not only a friend of Max, but also his attending doctor.

A nurse came in with medical examination results. Zed couldn't wait to have a look, but the result disappointed him. "Leila is in good health. I guess you have to work harder!"

The man's evil eyes looked at Max. Leila stood up and said, "How about you also do the examine here!"

'it's not a good idea to leave her face alone, ' Zed thought and laughed. Then he echoed, "good idea! I can check your body by myself!"

With deep eyes, Max patted on Zed's shoulder and leaned him head to Leila's ear, "Do you dislike that I haven't satisfied you?"

Leila's face turned redder. She put her head on Max's shoulder and whispered, "But you can't make me feel humiliated, either. What if you are responsible for it?"

Hearing that, Max took a deep breath. Was Leila doubting his ability? H

hand on the doorknob and said, "Go in."

Then, Leila followed Robert into the ward. It was a small ward, but there were still many people inside. Leila had seen these people once, who were the uncles of Max. Now that they must have heard that Matt came to visit Matt when he was in hospital, Max standing in the ward with a gloomy face. The moment Leila entered the room, she had become the focus of the crowd. They had all seen this woman. She was the wife of Max. So her presence here could only prove the importance of Max in this women's hearts.


She muttered in a low voice, picked up a vase on the table and ran out. She didn't like such a scene.

Max was amused by his little woman. She held a vase and fled away. This woman was not like this usually, but it was not so important. Their purpose of coming here today was to see Matt's condition and then to see the heir of the Mu family!

Matt naturally knew what these people meant, and they was just worried about their own interests.

Leila stared blankly at the pool for a while. As a member of a big family, she naturally understood the situation of Max now. These people were not simply going to visit Matt in the hospital today, but their future interests in the Mu family were also affected.

Leila came back with a vase in her hands, but these people were quite in the room. As soon as Leila came back, Max drew her behind him to protect her. His behavior was naturally noticed by the crowd, especially by Matt. Although he didn't like it, he didn't say it directly.

"Brother, you are not in good health now. I am really worried about the future of the Mu family."

"Yeah, Max and Spencer are still young. What if you fall down?"

Said Max, with a gloomy face and a cold voice. "The doctor has said that my father is fine, so you can rest assured."

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