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   Chapter 254 We Are Going To Get Married

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9805

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When the car arrived at the hospital, Max bought a bunch of carnations at the door and went straight to the ward.

Leila and Charles were talking in the corridor. Seeing the look in Max's eyes darkened, Leila walked up to him and Max put his arms around her waist, which was so powerful that she was a little scared. She knew that Max didn't like Charles all the time, so she was afraid that something would happen to him when she met Charles.

She took the carnation in the hand of Max and put it in the vase. This was the first time that Max came to the hospital since they confirmed their relationship. She was so moved that he gave her a little surprise.

"Long time no see, Mr. Mu." Charles said in the calm tone with Max.

Max was expressionless. What he cared about was only his professional knowledge, but if Charles dared to covet his woman, he would absolutely not allow it to happen.

"I didn't expect Dr. Qiao to have such a hobby. He even likes to chat with my woman in the hospital. I don't know if it is a coincidence or..."

Charles certainly understood what Max meant. This domineering man regarded Leila as his own, but he still said with a gentle expression on his face, "Leila and I are just friends."

"That's good. I'm going to get married with Leila soon. Dr. Qiao, do come to our wedding ."

Charles's face changed, but soon he calmed down. They were going to get married. The woman he loved was going to get married. The pain in his heart collapsed at this moment.

The man's face was tensed. He didn't know how long they had met, but from their conversation just now, he could tell that they had been here for a while. As long as he thought that Leila had been accompanied by Charles for the whole afternoon, he felt upset.

When Leila came back with a vase filled with clear water, she noticed that Max's face looked bad. She instinctively looked at Charles, who kept a gentle smile all the time, in sharp contrast to Max's face. There was naturally another fierce battle between them.

Of course, Leila knew that it must be Max who started it. She came over to ease the atmosphere, but didn't expect Charles to cast a deep glance at her. "Leila, congratulations. I have to leave now."

Charles dared not to look at Leila's face any more. He was afraid that he could not help breaking down. When he turned around, he lowered his eyes and clenched his fists tightly. He hoped that this was what Leila wanted.

"What were you talking about? Charles didn't look happy. And what did he mean by that?"

Taking advantage of her distraction, Max gave a gentle bite on her lips as a punishment. "Since he's gone, how can you still think of other men?"

As long as he thought of the whole afternoon they were together, Max was in a bad mood. He kissed her deeply again.

Leila knew how bossy this man was. Max had warned her more than once that she couldn't have any contact with an

Leila would feel guilty.

A look of joy appeared on Matt's face. Even Leila was on his side. Could Max marry Leila?

The next second, Max stood up, Leila stood up too. "I came here only to inform father, not for your permission!"

The man took Leila's hand and walked away.

"You bastard, Max !" Matt yelled at them behind, and then heard the sound of the broken glass. Leila wanted to look back, but was stopped by the man. "Don't look back!"

His tone was unquestionable, and was just like a king. Leila could not resist it. She did not realize it until she got on the car. "What's wrong with Spencer? Wasn't you the one who was hurt? Why was he hurt?"

From the Matt's pleading tone, it seemed that Spencer was really hurt this time, but Leila didn't know anything at all.

But Max had no time to answer her questions about Spencer. He held the woman's face in his hands and asked seriously, "Leila, I want marry you? Will you marry me?"

He was really a domineering man. He was even so overbearing in getting married. Leila could see the complicated expression in his eyes. Perhaps he had his own plan, or perhaps he really needed her in the future. No matter what happened, she nodded.

Max's eyes lit up. He lowered her head and kissed on Leila's lips. Soon the woman lost herself. He really wanted to continue at this time, but he had something important to do.

As the car drove on the straight road, the man's mood gradually recovered. Leila tried to talk to the man, "Did you go too far just now?"

"You can only listen to me from now on. Leave others alone!" said Max, glaring at Leila.

"But he is your father!"

Leila didn't want to see them break up, which would certainly affect Matt's attitude towards her. "I don't want you to get entangled with each other because of me..."

"Do you think you can affect our relationship only by your power, Leila?" asked Leila, with a trace of smile appearing on Max's lips.

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