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   Chapter 253 Like A Wife

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Leila was a little surprised. What were hidden in her bones were all exposed. She went forward emotionally. Holding her hand, Max didn't want to join the fun. Max didn't like it when people fought with each other.

The flickering candle light added to the charm of the night. Leila came to the front and saw several English letters in the heart. "I love you!"

Suddenly, she felt a little jealous. She wondered which girl could get this honor.

The boy saw a girl in a white dress and long hair walking slowly out of the crowd. She covered her mouth with her hand and began to cry.

The boy, with a bright red rose in his hand, walked to the girl and knelt down on one knee, shouting at the girl's name. "Dear, will you marry me?"

The people present clapped and cheered. At the same time, they shouted to marry his slogans in chorus.

The little girl in Leila's heart was completely awakened. She screamed with the crowd, as if she was more serious than her own matter. Looking at Leila's appearance, Max thought that this woman had no romantic history. Her past was as simple as a piece of white paper, no wonder she was so excited to see such a scene.

When there were many people, the man was afraid that the crowd would break up with Leila. Unexpectedly, when Leila saw the heroine nodding and promised, she hugged the two people affectionately. Leila was so excited that she loosened the hands of Max, and then the crowd burst into a warm applause.

They made a deep bow to the crowd, and all the lovers got married. Not until Leila turned around did she realize that she had been separated from Max.

The woman anxiously wandered around. She did not dare to go around. The crowd gradually disappeared, and Leila was eager to find. "Where are you, Max?"

Her voice attracted many people, but they just stayed for a second and then left quickly. At this time, Leila stood there like a lost mother's child, at a loss.

Max standing not far from her and looking at her panicked face. Somehow, he felt a little sorry for her.


When Leila heard the man's voice, she turned around and looked at the man who was like the mainstay. Then she threw herself into the arms of Max.

She breathed eagerly in the man's ear. Sitting next to Leila, Max felt that Leila was holding him tightly. He patted her back softly and asked, "What's wrong?"

Leila was a little scared just now. What if she got lost with Max? She just wanted to hug him tightly when seeing him.

She shook her head in her arms and wanted to embrace Max.

The fireworks rose in the sky and rose to the highest point quickly. The fire turned Max's face red, and he lifted the woman's face to kiss her.

When he saw the eager look in Leila's eyes just now, an idea came to his mind. Should he get married and make a different proposal.

Leila gradually lost herself in the man's arms. What happened today surprised he

d at Leila's face and asked, "Could you tell me what happened that day?"

After a short silence, Leila shook her head and said, "I'm fine."

She didn't want to talk about her past and let those who cared about her worry about her. So she decided to hide it.

Seeing the true meaning of Leila's words, Charles didn't ask any more questions. "Well, I have contacted a hospital in England, which is equipped with the authority on brain death."

"Really? Thank you so much, Charles. Could you please..."

Charles smiled, "Don't worry. I've already sent her case to England. Just wait and see."

Leila looked at him gratefully, "Charles, I don't know what to do now."

"Only if you could think of it when you were in danger. We are good friends, don't you remember?"

Leila smiled and chatted for a while in the ward. Hearing that her mother might be able to be saved, Leila got excited and couldn't help chatting with Charles for a while. They had been talking with each other from childhood till now. Seeing that Leila had changed from the little girl in front of him into a little woman who was strong inside her heart, he felt that if he hadn't gone to England, he would have confessed his love.

Leila's phone rang. She looked at the screen and saw a smile on the corner of Max's phone. "Have you finished your work? I'm in the hospital now."


Seeing the happiness in the woman's every move and smile on the other side, Charles thought she must live a good life now. He felt a little relieved. If Leila could be happy all the time, he would not tell her the secret in his heart.

For the whole afternoon, Max was sitting in the office, thinking about the proposal. It was the first time that he had such a powerless feeling. He picked up the phone, wanting to see Leila immediately. Asking where she was, he drove to the hospital immediately. Now, Leila's image kept lingering in his mind. He missed her so much.

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