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   Chapter 250 I Must Save Her

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9691

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At twelve o'clock in the noon, the big iron gate was slowly pulled open. Max and Robert came in. The man looked for Leila and then saw the woman sitting in the corner. He squinted his eyes and asked, "What happened?"

Spencer knew that Max cared about this woman. He smiled playfully, "She thought she was going to die, so she drank a lot!"

She had drunk a lot. How could she drink in front of other men? What's wrong with Leila?

Robert took out some documents he had prepared in advance from the briefcase and handed them to Spencer. "These are the shares under the name of Mr. Mu. Now they have been transferred to be under your name. Please have a look."

The eyes of Spencer lit up and he nodded without hesitation. "If that's the case, then you must mean the former Mr. Mu?"

Hearing that, Robert could not help but roll his eyes. How arrogant the man was! He was so crazily mad. Robert took out all the documents without saying a word. "Mr. Max has signed all of them. As long as you sign your name, it will be finished!"

Spencer looked it through and found that it was written clearly and there was a signature of Max. Spencer laughed unabashedly and said, "Elder brother, is it worth doing this for a woman? This woman even scolded you yesterday!"

Robert glanced at Max, no wonder that this man didn't talk and was unhappy for the breakfast, it was all because of Leila. Robert couldn't believe it, but he had to admit that this man had changed a lot since Leila appeared.

Then Spencer looked at those papers casually and signed his name on the papers without any hesitation. "Elder brother, what should I say about you? Do you know what our father will think of you if he knows?"

A smile appeared on the corners of Max's mouth. "Our father must be very angry!"

Spencer nodded in cooperation, but he did not know that a real conspiracy was slowly approaching him.

Max squatted down to look at Leila's somewhat withered face. Looking at the woman who has been embarrassed for the past few days, he could not help but feel sad. He wanted to hold Leila, yet he didn’t expect that she suddenly opened her eyes.

When Leila saw Max's handsome face, she shook her head and reached out to touch his face. "I didn't expect to see you again even if I died."

With a satisfied smile on the woman's face, Leila suddenly felt as if her body was floated up and was held into someone's arms. She exclaimed and habitually reached out her hands to hook around the neck of Max.

When Leila turned around, she saw that Spencer was reading a pile of documents. Stunned, she pinched her leg and felt a sharp pain in her leg. She knew she was not in a dream and she didn't die.

Leila stared at Max. It had been a few days since they met last time, and she could see the gaunt look on the man's face. Though it was hard to recognize it, Leila could tell at a glance how gaunt

his woman must have had a nightmare. So, he gently patted on her face and said, "Leila!"

"Help me, Max! They're throwing me into the sea! Help!"

At the critical moment, this woman called out his name, Max left a kiss on her forehead with a good mood. Leila struggled to open her eyes, and became relaxed inexplicably when she saw Max by her side. "I had a nightmare."

Looking at Leila's pale face, Max was aware that this matter might hurt her. He regretted, wondering if he should have brought her back earlier. Yet he even teased her with such a lustful look.

Embarrassed, Leila turned over, but she was tightly held by Max in his arms. With his sharp eyes staring at the woman's little face, he asked, "Did you feel afraid?"

The woman had a calm expression. She shook her head and said, "No, I didn't!"

Max was in a good mood, and it seemed that as his woman, she should bear the threat and fear at any time. However, she was different in this respect from other women, for she wouldn't ask for help!

The man looked at Leila emotionally, and the bedroom was filled with an ambiguous atmosphere.

Leila looked at Max's face, wondering what he should do without the company. This man had always been proud, and this time it would hurt his self-esteem?

With a frown of melancholy, Leila didn't feel sleepy any more. She quietly leaned against the side of Max, thinking of something.

After the man threw the shirt onto her, Leila looked at the man with intoxication, with wheat skin and solid chest. She sat up from the bed, and she knew that the man had always been domineering, but now he lost the company. Worried that Max couldn't accept it, Leila knelt down in front of the man to dress him.

Seeing that, the corners of Max's mouth roe slightly. It was the first time that Leila had helped him wear a shirt so obediently. Max stared at her little face and asked, "Good girl, what happened today?"

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