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   Chapter 248 Expectation For The Result

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After a moment of silence, Max smiled, "Leila, are you afraid?" The man's tone was full of disdain and ridicule. "You are the stupidest woman I have ever seen!"

The man hung up the phone fiercely. It was not that he didn't want to talk to her. But since Max knew that the content of their conversation had been monitored, he hung up the phone ruthlessly.

Leila was a little depressed when she heard that. She took a few deep breaths to comfort herself, but her heart ached for no reason. Was she so worthless in his heart?

The man seemed to have understood Leila's thoughts and couldn't help saying, "do you know the trump card this time? It is the whole Mu Group, and also the whole fortune of Max. So it's forgivable that your man won't save you!"

Leila's eyes twinkled. She didn't expect that Spencer would be so exorbitant in asking for Mu Group. "Then you can just throw me into the sea to feed sharks!"

The man looked at Leila in surprise. This woman was not afraid of death!

After hearing that, Leila admitted that she was a little disappointed, but Max was a proud man. She couldn't let him lose everything for her, or she would feel guilty, uneasy and unable to eat and sleep!

When Spencer showed up, he looked at Leila coldly and clapped his hands. "You're really my future sister-in-law. You're not afraid to die. Okay, I'll tell my brother, and then throw you into the sea to feed sharks!"

"As the saying goes, a man who is unjust is doomed to die. Spencer, don't do bad things to me!"

"Don't worry. My brother won't leave you alone. I can see that he really likes you. Although he didn't come to save you in the first place, he didn't give up on you at the first time. I guess my brother will be at a loss between you and the company. Why don't you make a decision for him?"

Max tapped his fingers on the table now and then. Although Robert had everything prepared and asked Max to fight, yet he was still a little worried. After all, the chip he promised was Leila.

His heart sank for no reason. If it were in the past, he wouldn't have gambled all his fortune for a woman, but now he didn't think so much about it. When he heard what Spencer had offered, he almost agreed with everything, because that woman was Leila. He didn't know when Leila was the only woman that was important to him, and he even wanted to take everything away from him in exchange for that woman's safety.

This thought even frightened himself.

An excited smile appeared at the corners of Spencer's mouth. He stood at the door and looked at Max. Recently, he had paid close attention to him. Although Max was trying to hide his restlessness and anxiety, he could see that he cared about that woman very much.

In the past, when he negotiated terms with Max, he was often rejected coldly by him before he could speak. This time, he deliberately gave Max three-day time to consider it. Instead of giving him another chanc

as so unpredictable that he had no choice but take advantage of Leila.

He took out his phone and handed it to Leila, eyes full of expectation.

Leila took out her phone and dialed the familiar number. She hadn't seen him since they parted in the coffee shop last time, and she didn't expect that they could be apart forever that time. She dialed the number of Charles with trembling finger. It was a long time before someone answered the phone. "Hello?"

Leila held the phone in surprise, "Charles, it's me, Leila!"

When he heard Leila, his voice was even filled with joy. "Leila, how are you doing recently?"

Leila didn't have the time to say anything to Charles now. She held back her anxiety and said, "Charles, don't say anything. Let me finish."

Leila didn't care about anybody or anything in the world. The only thing that worried her was her mother. She asked Charles to visit her mother more often and pay for the medical expenses of her mother. She said that Johnson had paid for only one year, and the rest needs the help of Charles.

Charles felt that Leila was speaking to him in a strange way. "Leila, what's wrong? What happened?"

Seeing that the patience in Spencer's eyes had been completely exhausted, Leila anxiously said on the phone, "I'm all right. Charles, take care!"

There was coldness in his eyes. Spencer thought Leila would call Max for help at this time, but he didn't expect her to call another man. This was not his purpose. He didn't want to give her to this chance.

"I expected that you would call my brother at the last minute, but I didn't expect that you were still thinking about your old lover. What if my brother knew about it?"

Leila's eyes twinkled. How could she care about Max when she was almost dying? "What he thinks has nothing to do with me!"

Spencer burst into laughter. This woman really surprised him, but he was eager to present this to Max. He didn't know how Max would react.

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