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   Chapter 247 Being Kidnapped

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10096

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When he went out of the door, the car stopped at the door. Robert got off the car and found that Max was a little tired. He leaned against the back of the seat and closed his eyes.

Robert took a look at him. "This is the first time I've seen you like this. In the past..."

"Shut up!"

Said Max slowly. He was Robert's superior, and they were more like friends. Therefore, when Robert spoke to him, he would have no scruples. Naturally, he wanted to say something about Rosa.

"But I have to remind you that you look terrible. I can be sure that Spencer will know what you are thinking about even as he sees you like this. Are you sure you want to go to the company like this?"

Looking at his watch, Max didn't fall asleep for the whole night. It was still early. He got off the car and went back to the bedroom, and the empty room remained the same as when Leila left. His heart inexplicably sank, as if the bedroom was filled with the shadows of Leila, her laughter, her cry, and even their heavy breathing. He walked out of the room and closed the door behind.

With too much memories about Leila, he couldn't bear to stay any longer. He went to the guest room, took a shower and changed into clean clothes. He went downstairs, looking much more energetic.

Robert was having breakfast in the dining room. He looked at Max and said, "your breakfast is good, but could you finish all of it?"

Hearing that, Max frowned and Robert immediately understood something. With his head down, he continued to eat and didn't dare to continue talking. If he said one more word that made Max feel sad, Max was sure to kick him out of the car.

After breakfast, they both got on the car. Max closed his eyes and said slowly, "how's it going? Do you get any clues?"

After some hesitation, Robert didn't know how to open his mouth. Seeing that Max opened his eyes through the rearview mirror, he felt a gust of coldness on his back. In the end, he surrendered to Max's eyes. "Well, let me tell you, now we can find nothing. It seems that the enemy has planned against us!"

Hearing this, Max closed his eyes again. He had thought it over in his mind for a while and then ordered, "go on with the investigation!"

Robert nodded.

When the car arrived at the Mu Group, Robert stopped suddenly. The red Ferrari came out of nowhere and stopped in front of it. Spencer walked towards the car with a big smile.

Robert's fingers were holding the steering wheel tightly. This was Spencer, Max's younger brother. He had nothing to compete with him.

Spencer walked to the car and knocked on the window. Then he burst into laughter and asked, "how was it? Did you sleep well last night?"

"Thank you for your concern," said Max with a charming smile.

There was not a trace of worry on his face, and Spencer was a little panic. "Kind reminder, today is the first day. You still have two days left. I'll wait for your good news at any time!"

Max rolled up the window and Robert drove into the garage.


for her? Leila wanted to know the answer all of a sudden.

Robert put the well collected document in front of Max. "It's ready. What are you going to do with this huge amounts of money. Do you really..."

Hearing that, Max glared at Robert. He knew what Robert wanted to say, but since Spencer had pointed it out, he didn't need to show mercy any more. "Don't say anything more about Spencer. I don't want to hear it! "

Robert nodded. Robert knew that Spencer dared to kidnap Leila this time, which had already enraged Max. So no matter what happened now, Max would not let him go.

The man's eyes were staring at the documents in his hands. He thought that this time it would certainly be able to make Spencer suffer a heavy damage, and he would have a peaceful life later.

"Who are you?" Max asked on the phone, frowning and looking at Robert.

"You don't need to know who I am. Leila is in our hands now. What should you do?"

"I want to hear her voice!"

The man did not hesitate to answer the phone. Looking at the expression on the Max's face, Robert trembled all over. If these people were in front of him now, Max would definitely kill them with his own hands.

Spencer waited anxiously and couldn't get any response from Max. He was so worried and upset and finally came up with a cruel idea. Since Max wanted to ignore this matter, he asked his men to call Max and irritate him.


Hearing Leila's voice, even Max's heart trembled. This woman's voice sounded a little tired, but fortunately it was full of vitality. It seemed that these people hadn't done anything to hurt her, and he was sure that no one dared to touch his woman.

"Leila, you stupid woman!"

Leila thought he would be worried about her, but she didn't expect he would be so angry with her. Although she felt wronged, she still had a little expectations in her heart. After all, he was still willing to answer the phone. "Max, they said I will be thrown into the sea to feed the sharks in three days!"

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