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   Chapter 246 Be Careful

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10314

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The maid took his coat and he asked, "where is she?"

She was referring to Leila.

"Miss Leila has not come back yet since this morning."

"When did it happen?"

"Not long after you left in the morning!"

A dark look appeared on Max's face. It had been several hours since this morning. However, he found out so late that his mind was in a mess. A bad feeling arose in his heart. He guessed that it must have something to do with Spencer.

Suddenly, a delicate box fell out from the table when he was about to get even with Spencer. He picked it up and saw the cuff link that Leila bought for him. He still remembered what she said and asked him to open it when she was not around.

When Max unfolded the silver cuff link, it seemed exquisite. Men like him had seen everything, but it was kindly reminded by Leila, so it must be special.

Sure enough, when he saw that Leila's name was engraved on the bottom of the cuff link, he was a little surprised. Why did this woman have her name engraved on the cuff link?

He really wanted to ask her!

The maid saw that Max was in a daze and did not dare to say anything, so she went straight into the kitchen.

Seeming to see the face of Leila appeared in front of him, she was a little abnormal last night. He called the maid and asked something. The answer was exactly the same as what he had thought.

Max suddenly realized that he was in a daze, so he took his coat and walked outside.

The car was speeding on the straight highway. Sitting on the seat, Max recalled what had happened in the past. It seemed that everything was planned by Spencer. He hadn't noticed anything wrong from last night, especially that Leila seemed abnormal. And he hadn't noticed that.

The black Maybach steadily blocked the way of the red Ferrari. Spencer raised his eyebrows and asked, "well, Mr. Mu, are you going to work overtime now? Why don't you go back and accompany the future sister-in-law?"

A mischievous smirk found its way on Spencer's face. When he saw the darkened expression on Max's face, he knew that Max discovered that Leila had disappeared, and everything seemed to have been up to his expectations, and things seemed to be more smooth than he had expected.

"Where is Leila?"

Max roared at him with all his strength, but there was still a faint smile on Spencer's face. It was probably the first time that he had seen Max get angry. He didn't expect that Leila had such a high position in Max's heart, which was beyond his expectation.

Patting on the shoulder of Max, for the first time Spencer felt like stepping on his feet. "Don't worry, brother. I know you care about the future sister-in-law, but you don't look sincere at all!"

"What do you want?" asked Max, with a gloomy face.

A wild smile appeared at the corners of Spencer's mouth. Everything was towards his plan. Max was gradually entering his conspiracy. He looked at Max undisguisedly. "Brother, you should know clearly what I want!"

It was a well-known fact that the Mu Group was the target of Spencer. However, in consideration of

at much. The only thing you need to know is that you have only three days. If he doesn't take any action by then, you will know the consequence!"

Leila thought, 'Although I'm safe now, but what about three days later. It seems that this time Spencer is demanding too much.' Suddenly, Leila would like to know whether Max would give up on her or in exchange for his own interests!

Suddenly, Leila was looking forward to the arrival of three days later. She wanted to know how important she was to Max.

The man came to the front of Leila, seeing that the woman was in a daze, he immediately urged, "what are you staring at? Eat quickly!"

Leila was sullen. Although she was kidnapped, the people treated her well. They gave her food and water. "What if your boss doesn't get what he wants after three days?"

The man snorted, "what else can I do? Throw you into the sea to feed the sharks!"

Leila was shocked. She could no longer eat anything. She was suddenly afraid of the arrival of three days later. If Max didn't take action, her life would be in danger. Thinking of this, she was a little scared.

"Now you don't have to worry about it. Anyway, it will be three days later whether your man will save you or not, so you should eat well!"

At this time, Leila felt like weeping but had no tears. She was eager to know the result of three days later.

Early in the morning, the sun shone into the study through the thick curtains, and Max stared at the delicate box on the table. How afraid was Leila now? The man did not dare to think more. He picked up his coat and went out.

When he came downstairs, the maid had already prepared breakfast. Looking at Max, she felt a little scared, "Sir, Miss Leila... She didn't come back the whole night. "

Max nodded. He knew Leila hadn't come back yet. She was kidnapped now. How could she come back? The maid didn't dare to say anything more. Leila hadn't come back for a whole night, while Max had stayed in the study all night. When he came out in the morning, he looked a little tired.

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