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   Chapter 240 Little Sweetness

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10133

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The man suddenly opened his eyes and saw the woman's hand frozen in the air. What was she going to do? Touched his face or? With a deep emotion in his eyes, Max pecked on Leila's lips and deliberately stared at her, "what do you want to do?"

Leila's face turned red and she withdrew her hand. She regretted being found by him. Luckily, she didn't touch his face. Otherwise

After weighing all pros and cons, she looked up at Max and replied, "mosquitoes!"

Max's face darkened with anger. He had been waiting for this answer for a long time. He looked at Leila in confusion. Leila turned her back to him, and there were complicated expressions on her face. She seemed to have regretted, for she didn't even believe in her own reason.

All of a sudden, her body was grabbed by Max. The man said in a low and deep and hoarse voice, which sounded extremely sexy, "honey, tell me what you wanted just now?"

What Leila feared most was the tenderness of Max. She could not stand a man's words. She looked at him seriously. He was good-looking, radiating the royal demeanor. No woman could resist his gentleness. But once he became cold, it would be ruthless.

Leila stared at the man in a daze, and then Max raised her chin, noticing the complex emotions in the woman's eyes. "Woman, you are not allowed to think of other men!"

"I don't think so!"

Leila regained her consciousness. This man's face was so charming. She turned over and continued to sleep. Suddenly, the space behind her was empty. So, sitting on the bed with arms Max, he said, "woman, you might have forgotten what day it is today."

Ignoring him, Leila was suddenly held in the man's arms. "I don't mind sleeping a little longer with you!"

Hearing this, Leila quickly jumped out of the bed, almost naked, and then tried to grasp the quilt, but before she could do so, the man grabbed it. Standing in front of the man, she felt so ashamed and ran into the bathroom, blushing.

Leila looked at herself in the mirror. She had experienced how powerful Max was. The bruises on her body were undoubtedly the best evidence. Thinking of those scenes, she could not help but blush.

"Bang, bang, bang." there was a knock on the door. Leila took a look at her, thinking that she would definitely make a fool of herself if she went out now. But she couldn't wear her clothes if she didn't go out. When she was hesitating, the door opened, and Max was leaning against the door and looking at her.

Leila had to protect her chest with both hands, "what are you doing?"

Max raised his eyebrows. "I'd like to know what you're going to do."


What was she going to do here? She rushed here just to cover her shame. After thinking for a while, she looked at him boldly. "Give me a quilt?"

"Are you sure it's the quilt rather than the clothes?"

It was so embarrassing!

Leila's face turned red, and then she walked in and looked at the man with a strange light in his eyes. She instinctively withdrew her hand, and the man pulled her hand. "Yo

ll, only she was from a rich and powerful family and could be matched with this diamond man.

As she entered the room, she saw Leila sitting beside Senior Mr. Mu, whereas the latter was still playing with the fully grown ring finger carefully, with a look of affection on it. "Well, good. It is pretty good in quality and workmanship. Leila is very thoughtful."

A contented smile was plastered on Leila's face. She was willing to make everyone, no matter who they were, happy for her, as long as she could please them!

Rosa came in and saw they were having fun as if she was the outsider. In fact, she was the outsider.

She had been preparing a gift for Senior Mr. Mu a month ago, and even got up early in the morning to accompany him. She had thought that she could please Senior Mr. Mu by doing this, but Leila had successfully grabbed the spotlight from her. She was shocked and embarrassed.

"Miss Song, have some tea."

As Rosa served Leila tea as the master, Max's face darkened. "Where are the servants?"

What Max meant was obvious, but Rosa stood still. She did not expect Max to be against her like this, and he had never said that before.

Matt also found that the relationship between them was not as good as before. No matter which woman Max chose in the end, as long as he could live a stable and happy life, it would be okay.

Leila smiled awkwardly. It would be better if the man didn't speak, but the atmosphere fell by several degrees as soon as Max opened his mouth. She didn't know what to say, maybe she shouldn't talk now, so she just shut her mouth.

"Max, don't be so cold. You see, my future sister-in-law is a little scared."

Spencer suddenly said like that. "Don't be afraid. I won't bite you." Max then pulled her into his arms.

The woman's face flushed to her neck, and she could imagine that the other two women's burning eyes could make her burn. She freed herself from the man's arms a few times, and then Max looked down at her, with the eyes full of pampering.

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