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   Chapter 239 Feeling Strange, He Said A Few More Words

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She sat down on the sofa, watching him burying himself in his work. Max sometimes frowned, sometimes comfortable corners of the mouth, all these trivial moves fell into Leila's eyes, and she was absorbed in the scene, not noticing that the man was also looking up at her. "Have you bought the gift?"

Shocked, Leila shook her head, "No."

Hearing that, Max squinted. This woman was unusual today, but no matter how many times he asked, she wouldn't say anything. Thus the man didn't ask again but wait until she wanted to say something.

Leila stared at Max, Bertha's words sounded like a magic spell. Max suddenly looked up at her, "do you have something to say?"

Leila was stunned. It seemed that this man was taking the initiative to chat with her. She thought for a moment and asked, "who do you like? "

Her voice was as low as that of a mosquito. Yet, Max still heard it. He looked at her incredulously. He had said that before in Hainan. Why did she ask again?

Looking at the man, Leila didn't expect Max to answer her. She just wanted to see his performance. As for the result that the man would be angry, she hadn't thought of it temporarily.

All of a sudden, Max approached her, lowered his head to kiss her forehead, and then he reluctantly left. "Are you satisfied with this answer?"

Leila stared at his smooth chin thoughtfully. The answer was

"What? Is it not enough?"

Leila suddenly shook her head. She was very excited in her heart. He didn't answer her question. But the answer was too ambiguous. She blinked her innocent eyes and asked, "do you do it for every woman?"

Max was speechless. This woman was so strange today, and her questions were also very strange. But in view of her good performance today, he suddenly whispered a few words in her ear.

Leila looked up at Max. He said he never did this on other women, but could she believe him? So what did Bertha say? Was it true or not?

"What about Bertha?"

Leila had realized that she was a little too bold. She immediately took two steps back, and suddenly her chin was raised by the man. "Dear, tell me what happened today?"

Leila shook her head, and then Max turned to sit on the chair, with fingers tapping on the table. "Don't you want to tell me?"

"Nothing. I'm really fine. I just want to know whether you are satisfied with what you said on the Hainan before?"

Hearing that, a bright smile played at the corners of Max's mouth. Since she wanted to know, she could just ask directly. It was unnecessary for her to go through such a complicated topic. However, when he saw Leila's embarrassment, he could not help but smile.

Then Max held Leila's hand and went downstairs without off time. The people passing by all stopped and watched. Since Leila was with the president, the president seemed to always be late and leave early. It seemed that this woman was not simple.

"Where are we going? It's not off duty yet. "

"You even did

's eyes. A smile emerged on Max's lips. Max would punish the woman when she got back.

Nothing happened on the way. Leila didn't expect that the man was holding the anxiety waiting for him to release. As soon as they entered the house, the man's huge body was against her.

"No Don't be here. "

The woman begged with a trembling voice. Looking at her face, Max wondered when this woman had been afraid. "Are you scared?"

She nodded repeatedly. Here was the living room, so the servants who came and went must see these. As long as Leila thought about it, she felt ashamed and hot. If it was really seen by the servants, how could she face them again.

She jumped up again and felt the man's big hand sweeping over her. With her back hanging in the air, Leila dared not to move. She could only put her hands around the man's neck tightly and trembled when touched by his big hands. Leila moaned shamefully. A demon like man, she was deeply addicted to his arms.

Her body was gently put on the big bed. When Leila just wanted to get up, her limbs were fixed by the man. She screamed and her mouth was blocked by Max. She shook her head and wanted to refuse. But the man was too strong, so she had no choice.

After that, the woman's eyes became blurred, and Max loosened his grip on her, looking at Leila in his arms.

After having sex the whole night. It was a sleepy night for Leila.

In the darkness, Max greedily stared at Leila's small face with his bright black eyes. He shook his head helplessly. Once, he had a crush on such a woman. There was an disturbing emotion in his heart.

In the morning, Leila was woken up by a bird outside the window. She opened her round eyes, and saw Max still sleeping next to her. His deep and three-dimensional features looked like a work of art carved by a famous painter. Only when he was asleep could he not look so cold. Unconsciously, Leila stretched out her hand to draw the outline of Max behind the air.

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