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   Chapter 237 For The Sake Of The Past

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"Miss Song, I'm so sorry. President told me that no one is allowed to go up."

She nodded, understanding the meaning of Max. He was constantly warning her that she was nothing without the protection of Max.

"When can I meet him then?" Leila said calmly. She couldn't help but curl her lips when she realized that Max may do that on purpose. She had understood his meaning, but he still

The people at the front desk didn't dare to act rashly. After all, Leila was known to all as the woman of their CEO. Although the president of the company attacked the Song Group today, they didn't hear about the rumor about their love change. Of course, they dare not neglect it. They immediately called Robert and soon Robert appeared in front of Leila.

"What brings you here? The president is having a meeting. Let's go upstairs and wait for him."

Leila smiled at Robert, "you should know why I am here."

The two walked into the elevator together. Leila was a smart woman. She must have known the reason why such things would happen before Robert said anything to her, which was the most appreciated part of her self-awareness. She was a stubborn woman though she didn't speak too much.

When the elevator reached the ninth floor, she was told to wait for Max in her office. Then, Robert left alone.

Leila was walking back and forth in his office, restless. She could not calm down. Just now, she had noticed the difference in the women's eyes at the front desk. Probably they were guessing that this woman would soon be neglected. She smiled with self-mockery. This world was really cruel and reality.

She pressed her head against the glass window and looked down. The condescending feeling was so good. It was as if the people and cars under her feet were trampled on. No wonder that everyone yearned for power and status. It was so good to control others.

Her face was filled with softness. Before coming here, Leila had made up her mind that she would accept whatever that Max said, no matter what he would give her, it was nothing more than his warning and sarcasm that she didn't care.

When Max entered, he saw that Leila's whole body was leaning on the glass, her head drooping to look at everything under her feet. On her face, was she resigned to fate, or was she already accepted such an arrangement? Max did not understand.

"Bang!" the man threw the folder on the table. Leila was frightened and turned around, meeting with the gloomy face of Max. Both of them had no intention to open their mouths. The atmosphere was somewhat depressing.

"The efficiency of our men is getting worse and worse!"

Leila knew he was talking about her, so she walked to him slowly.

After staring at each other for a long time, Leila looked away. Then, her body had walked to Max. The man lazily sat down in the chair, looking at the woman in confusion in front of him.


She suddenly didn't know how to open her mouth. The distance between them seemed to be wide

been around Max for a period, and she knew something about Max.

As far as she knew, there had never been a woman who was so loyal to Max and never got tired of him. And Leila was the first woman.

"It seems that you are too careless. I have to punish you seriously." Spencer added

Bertha seemed to have nowhere to complain. Her intelligence was forced to follow Spencer. All this started from when Leila got on the bed of Max.

However, due to envy and jealousy, Bertha was not willing to follow such a powerful man like Spencer. After all, in Mu Family, only Max was the real powerful man.

With the mention of Max, Bertha still felt a little sweet in her heart. She always believed that only she was worthy of Max.

When the car arrived at the apartment, Max and Leila got off the car together. To the maid's surprise, she took the coats that they handed over, hung them up, and then took some fruit from the kitchen to Leila. Leila was worried about the embarrassing atmosphere, so she picked up the fruit and began to eat it. Looking up at her from the newspaper, Max felt that she was like a child who craved for food now, a little girl who with one hand holding the plate and the other hand sending the fruit into the mouth, the woman's action fell into the eyes of Max.

Noticing that the man was looking at her, Leila naughtily handed him a grape, "Do you want to eat?"

The woman's face was filled with a weird expression. She had thought that Max would stare at her or shake his head to refuse her. However, to her surprise, the man opened his mouth and ate the fruit. After that, he continued to stare at Leila. Leila continued to feed him fruit. No matter how many times Leila did, he all ate them. Leila stood up and put the tray in front of him. Her meaning was very clear: he wanted to eat it, then he got it himself.

Suddenly, the man's big hand slid down her back. "Good."

Leila felt a thrill of fear. She'd better feed him some fruit instead of this.

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