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   Chapter 236 Leila, The Disobedient Woman

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She got up and went back to her room. She sat on the balcony and picked up a book to read intently. Only in this way could she stop herself from thinking too much.

A car sounded in the courtyard, but Leila didn't care about it at all. Robert got out of the car and saw a woman quietly sitting on the balcony and reading. Her long black hair swayed with the breeze, and her white skirt flew in the air. Seeing such a beautiful scene, Robert was a little stunned. He walked upstairs.

Leila didn't notice the steps behind her. Robert coughed, "Mr. Mu wants to see you."

Leila put down the book and stood up, "I don't want to go."

Robert remained silent. There had never been a woman who didn't listen to Max in the past, and Leila was the first one. However, thinking of the dark face of Max, Robert softened his tone. "You'd better go there."

In a huff, Leila sat back in her chair, opened her book and went on reading, regardless of Robert behind her. Until she saw the exhaust gas in the courtyard, she knew that Robert had left.

However, she didn't feel scared at all now. After hearing that she could do nothing without him, she had prepared for the worst situation. Instead, when she calmed down, she would face everything together.

"What's going on?" said Max, staring at Robert with a dangerous look

"It seems that you really broke her heart this time. She's not coming!"

Hearing that, Max raised his eyebrows. "Are you blaming me?"

Robert shook his head and said, "no! I just want to remind you that Leila is different from those women around you. You should stop where it should stop. "

"It seems that you know her very well!"

Hearing this, Robert grinned from ear to ear. As soon as he realized the jealousy in the man's words, he stopped smiling immediately. If this continued, he really worried that Max would beat him to a pulp all over the ground.

"If she doesn't come, I have hundreds of ways to make her come," said Max, who stood up with his hands in pockets and looked relaxed

Robert looked at him carefully, while the man seemed to have a plan in his deep eyes. The man said slowly, "Recently, the Song Group seems too peaceful, do you know what to do?"

Before leaving, Robert took a look at him and said, "You have really changed."

Looking at his reflection on the glass, Max wondered if he had really changed?

He sat down slowly, unwilling to admit that he changed himself for anyone. However, Robert had been with him for so long, and he said he had never seen him treat any woman like this before, which made Max lost in thought.

With the data report in his hand, Robert said, "I know you want to know the result, but are you sure that you did it well? Aren't you afraid that she will hate you more? "

Max glared at Robert. Leila should have known her identity. If she still wanted to revenge, she must depend on him, which was almost the weakness of Leila. Max was sure that she wouldn't have the he

e looked at him coldly. While she was still hesitating, he suddenly knelt down in front of her in frustration. "Leila, I know I'm sorry for what I have done to you and your mother. I was hoodwinked by Sophia, so I treated you and your mother like that. Now I kneel down to you. That's my fault! "

Leila froze for a moment. She couldn't hide her disappointment. Since Johnson had actually made compromise for his own interests, she couldn't go on staying here any longer. "I know. Since it's grandpa and mom's work, I hope you can give us what we deserve after the crisis is averted."

Although Johnson was a little reluctant, he nodded. "Okay, okay. I'll promise you anything as long as the crisis is solved! ."

Noticing that Leila began to be moved, Johnson stood up and walked up to her. "Leila, you are my only daughter now. The whole Song Group will belong to you in the future. You must protect our family."

Leila always didn't believe a single word from Johnson when she saw his ingratiation. After all, in his eyes, he had never paid any attention to his wife and daughter for so many years, and he had always turned a blind eye to Sophia bullying them, so she wouldn't expect him to do what he said. The only thing she wanted to do was to protect Song Group. After all, both of them had put a lot of effort into it.

Leila gave Johnson a cold look. Then she said nothing, turned around and left the office. Behind her, Freddy was standing at the door and looking at her. "Miss Leila..."

Leila nodded, "I have to go to the Mu Group now."

When Leila went downstairs, she made a call to Max. However, his phone was not answered. She had to take a taxi to the Mu Group.

As she used to do, Leila would take the special elevator for the CEO directly. However, she was stopped by the woman at the front desk unexpectedly today.

She looked at them doubtfully. They should have seen her many times before, and they should not be strange to her, but this time

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