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   Chapter 229 The Shareholders

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 9583

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The three walked into the elevator. Leila seemed to be the happiest one among them. The closer they got to company, the more frightened Leila became. She pulled her clothes nervously.

At 10 o'clock in the morning, the conference room of the board of directors of the Song Group was pushed open by Robert. The strong momentum of the conference made everyone feel shocked, although they knew the purpose of the conference today, and they also knew that there was a board meeting. When they were testing, they saw the door was pushed open.

Max and Leila walked in.

When he saw Max, Johnson stood up immediately. "Welcome, Mr. Mu!"

"Now Miss Leila has more than 20% shares of Song Group. She'll have a board meeting," said Max, dismissively glancing at Johnson and everyone. Then he saw that Robert had distributed all the information to everyone

Then there came a buzzing sound from below, and Johnson was even more shocked. He looked at Leila in confusion. "Leila, why are you here? Tell me what's going on?"

"I just take back the part that should belong to my mother and me. As for the rest, you can check the share transfer agreement."

Then Leila found a seat and sat down. She wasn't interested in what Johnson had surprised her, but it was exciting to see him shocked just now.

"My woman will be a shareholder of the Song Group. I think you have no objection!"

A dead silence fell on the scene. Johnson still wanted to say something, but a smile appeared on the corners of Max's mouth. "Good. You have no objection!"

After that, Max and Robert left the Song Group. With a gloating look on his face, Robert asked, "Are you sure you want to leave her alone here?"

Max remained silent. He knew his little woman would not be so stupid as to be bullied.

Johnson stared at Leila with anger. After the meeting ended, he said coldly, "Director Song, come to my office!"

With a bang, Johnson broke a vase. "Leila, what's wrong with you? Why did you do this to me, I am your dad?"

dad? It was disgusting that he was still talking to her with affection at this moment. "Father? Do you remember my mother who was lying in the hospital? "

Johnson was surprise. "Leila, why are you so ignorant? Do you really want to witness the destruction of our Song Group?"

Leila sneered, "No, father. I just want to remind you that the Song Group is now in a disastrous state under your leadership. You don't have the face to face my mother! If my memory serves me right, Grandpa and mom's painstaking efforts are still here. How could you treat us like this! "

"Leila, you..."

All of a sudden, he raised his hand high in the air, intending to drop it. Leila closed her eyes, and said, "you hit me! If you are not afraid of Mr. Mu's blame, you can just do it! "

Johnson's hand trembled, but didn't fall at all. Leila was right. He couldn't c

and asked, "What if something bad happened to her while she's in this condition?"

Wendi then let out a sigh and added, "I'll be with her. You should go with her!"

So the three of them sat in the corner. Leila handed a bottle of wine to them and said, "let's get hammered until we have business to do tonight!"

Her suppressed emotions finally broke out at this moment. Leila picked up the bottle of wine and began drinking. Robert and Wendi looked at each other, and thought what Leila said today wasn't a joke. Robert was worried and looked at Wendi.

He winked at Wendi. Both of them knew Max, so they dared not make any mistakes. What if something went wrong with Leila here.

All of a sudden, Robert's phone rang. Robert couldn't help but frown and take a look at the name on the screen. Wendi took a deep breath and was surprised to find that it was from Max.

"Hello, Mr. Mu." Robert found a quiet place.

Max did know what happened today. It was hard for her to accept. After all, he could understand Leila's feelings. So he got off work early in the morning and wanted to comfort her. But he suddenly found that Robert's place was noisy. "Where are you? Where is Leila?"

But Robert didn't dare to neglect it, so he had to tell Max that they were in the bar at the moment. He believed that Max had already known the meaning of this, so he said nothing more.

Half an hour later, Max appeared in front of them. Stunned, Robert and Wendi stood up and said goodbye right away. If they didn't leave now, they would really worry that Max would kill them later.

Feeling that someone was sitting next to her, Leila looked at the side face of Max in the dim light. The cut like face became more and more attractive, and the woman was not afraid to be caught by fear, so she handed the wine glass to him. At this time, she was unconscious and had already forgotten that Max could not drink.

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