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   Chapter 227 Get Out Of My Sight

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"Because of love!"

The man's answer without hesitation made Leila couldn't help but raise the corners of her mouth. "Mr. Lian, did I hear it wrong? You said you loved me. You don't deserve love at all! "

With that, Leila passed by Veron and was about to get in the car, but even before Veron had made up his mind, he had no intention of leaving without Leila answer.

Leila gave Robert a glance, and inside the car sat Robert. They were in the same university, and he also knew Veron. But after all, it's a matter of love, and it's not convenient for him to make a move. "

With a move of Robert, Veron took several steps backward and stood there in a daze. "Leila, I will wait for you!"

Leila sighed with a tired look as she got into the car. She would have been very happy if Veron had said that to her before, but now she wasn't happy at all, not to mention her resentment against amber. She should thank Max for letting her see clearly the man's true colors.

The car was galloping on the road. Robert looked back at her and asked, "Where are we going next? "

Leila was stunned for a while and then told Robert that she needed to go to the company. Soon the car was stopped at the gate. Leila walked in and was pulled by Wendi. "Are you alone?"

Leila was confused. Wendi continued to explain to her. Just now Veron came to the company to look for her out of nowhere, but was sent away by Wendi.

"I didn't know. I met him at the gate of Song Group. I didn't expect him to change so much."

The two were sad for a while, but they were pulled back to their senses quickly by Leila. "Well, keep talking about our plan. I decide to start moving ahead, and get the shares of the Song Group!"

Wendi asked in confusion. They had planned for this for a long time, but the longer it took, the greater the possibility would be. "You've really made up your mind!"

Leila nodded. She thought of what she saw today, and realized that Johnson didn't pay any attention to them, even though he knew Sophia betrayed him.

"I've made up my mind. I want to take back everything that belongs to us from the Song family!"

Wendi also agreed with Leila. For the sake of their similar goals, it would be better if they could succeed.

At dusk, Leila came back to the apartment in advance. She intended to take the opportunity of the evening to tell Max what kind of help she could get

The sound of a car came from the yard. Leila knew it was Max who was back. She stood up immediately and looked at the direction of the door. "Max, you are back."

Her voice was soft with a trace of coquetry, like a gentle

glass and looked out, thinking about the recent performance of Max, and could not help smiling.

The car stopped at the gate of Song Group. Leila walked in quickly and went to the office of Mr. Dong. "Hello, Mr. Dong!"

Mr. Dong stood up immediately, "Miss Leila."

Leila nodded, "I think you know why I came to you today. Although the Song Group has the investment of the Mu Group, a lot of problems have been caused. I think you know better than anyone else about this."

Mr. Dong nodded his head. "Miss Leila, what do you mean?"

"Help me contact the shareholders. I want to see them!"

Leila took out a document from her handbag. It was about the seniors created by the Song Group. Mr. Dong looked at the document and nodded. He seemed to understand Leila. "I'll try my best!"

"What are you laughing at?" Leila nodded. She couldn't stay in Song Group any longer. So she left after she said something to Mr. Dong.

Seeing that her plan was about to reach the end of the line, Leila breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, she received a phone call from Max. Without hesitation, she answered it, and heard a man's faint voice, "Come to the company."

Leila had no choice, but if she had nothing to do now, it was normal for her to visit Max.

All the way, she was thinking about the business of Mr. Dong. She hoped that everything would go smoothly. Then if she succeeded in buying the shares of the Song Group, she could take revenge.

As they arrived at the Mu Group, Leila directly walked into the private elevator for the president. People were all staring at her with admiration. She could see the man's every move through the transparent glass wall. She stood at the door, quietly watching Max who was working seriously.

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