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   Chapter 226 Come Back After Eating

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"I'm done. Let's go back now, okay?"

"Go back to the company with me!" said Max. He knew what was on Leila's mind.

He stood up and got into the car, followed by Leila. It was not far from the downtown, so it would only take two hours to drive.

When the car stopped at the entrance of the building of the Mu Group, Max looked at the woman sleeping soundly on the seat and shook his head helplessly. This woman was beautiful as long as she was quiet. Her delicate face was fair and rosy lips pouted, making people want to kiss her at any time.

"What are you doing?"

After opening the door, Max held up Leila gently. Suddenly, the woman in his arms woke up and looked at him with confusion. Max didn't want to explain. Now he was holding her, he couldn't do anything to her.

Leila reacted and saw that it was already the outside of Mu Group. She was worried that she would become the focus of the crowd, so she immediately struggled down. "Put me down, I can walk by myself."

Max didn't insist. After all, this was the Mu Group, so every move of his would be reported by someone with ulterior motives. Thus, he didn't refuse to hold Leila's hand and enter the special elevator for him.

The woman at the front desk looked at Leila with an envious look in her eyes. It was the first time that Max had come to the company with Leila in such a manner. It seemed that this woman's status should be very clear.

Leila felt that everyone was looking at her, so she lowered her head with embarrassment. Her face was still red after she entered the elevator.


Hearing that, Leila blushed even more. "There are so many people looking at me, i..."

"Don't forget your identity. You are my woman!"

His tone was still overbearing. As soon as he walked out of the elevator, Robert leaned slightly to greet, "Mr. Mu, Spencer is waiting for you in the office!"

A cold light was emitted from Max's eyes. Knowing Spencer's arrival wouldn't be a good thing, so he simply held Leila's hand.

Feeling the power from her hand, Leila turned her head to look at Max. His expression was tight, and there was something difficult to read in his deep eyes. What was wrong with him?

Leila patted the door to let Robert get off. "What are you waiting for? Come and help! "Wow, long time no see, my future sister-in-law!"

But as soon as he got close to the door, he saw Spencer leaning against the door with an evil look on his face, speaking to Leila jokingly. Max's eyes turned gloomy, "what are you doing here?"

"Nothing, I just heard that my big brother, who never comes late and leaves early, has been out of work for half a day. I wonder where you have been romantic?"

The scene of last night appeared in front of her eyes. Leila lowered her head with shyness, and her face was as red as a ripe apple now. Clutching her hand tightly, Max said, "that's why you came here. Get out!"

With an

eila for disturbing his plan. He tidied his clothes, sat on the chair, and tried to suppress the anger in his chest. "Leila, what are you doing? When did you become so unruly? "

Wearing a cold face, Leila said, "I visited my mother just now, but the nurse told me that you haven't visited her for a long time. I want to ask my father, is it true?"

For a moment, Johnson didn't expect Leila to say that. He rolled his eyes, stood up and walked to Leila. "Leila, as you know, I'm very busy these days. I'll visit your mother in a few days."

Leila snorted, "what you are really busy with is messing around with your female subordinate in the office?"

"Leila, don't be so unruly!" In a huff, Johnson growled at Leila, "although you are Mr. Mu's woman, you are still my daughter!"

His words threw Leila back to the base. What he meant was clear: Leila was not qualified to question him.

Leila turned around and left the office in anger. She didn't expect that Johnson was so blatant. She didn't have to bear the mistake made by Sophia and Daisy.

It seemed that she had to take actions right now!

"Miss Leila, what..."

At this moment, she saw Freddy. Leila calmed herself down and said, "You are Mr. Zhou. Why are you not busy now?"

"Long time no see, Miss Leila. I thought..."

"Don't worry. I am really busy these days. But you can rest assured that I haven't forgotten your things, but I still hope that Mr. Zhou will not forget my things!"

"Yes, yes, of course!"

Freddy saw her off.

"Leila, I finally see you!"

All of a sudden, Veron rushed to Leila and held her hands, saying, "Leila, I've had a hard time looking for you!"

Leila looked up at the man in front of her in disgust. She used to think that this man's face was very handsome, but when she saw it now, she felt like vomiting. He was engaged to Daisy in front of her, and now he was fooling her in the back. "Veron, what are you doing for?"

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