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   Chapter 225 Encounter Danger

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10161

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"Get me a room and prepare something to eat."

Robert nodded. The room had been prepared, so Max went straight to the room with Leila, and put her on the soft big bed. "Don't go. I'm afraid of darkness." Suddenly, Leila grabbed his hand tightly.

The man's big palm comforted her back. Then, Leila turned over and fell asleep at ease. After getting the bath water ready, Max held her up in the bathtub. Because of the large amount of grass, their arms were scratched many scars. As Max felt sorry for her, the scars on Leila still hurt him.

The wound became a little painful as it was stained with water. Frowning, Leila opened her eyes, seeing that Max was wiping the wound with an antiseptic. Abruptly, Leila pulled over his hand and said, "you are injured too."

With a complicated look in her eyes, Leila didn't know what was on Max's mind. He didn't even care about his own wound, which dispelled her sleepiness and let him deal with her wound quietly.

After that, Max came back to bed with Leila in his arms, but she was not sleepy at all. She sat up with an antiseptic in her hand. "Let me clean the wounds for you, or you will get infected."

Ignoring Leila, he took off his clothes and went straight to the bathroom. Not wanting to be so conscienceless, she went to the bathroom immediately, making the strong body of the man exposed in front of her eyes. She squatted beside the bathroom, with her face red. Her fingers trembling, she wiped the disinfectant on the man's arms. She didn't dare to look up, only to feel her face burning.

Suddenly she felt a pain in her chin. The man pinched her chin and saw her blushing face with burning eyes. Leila wanted to hide, but the man pulled her into his arms.

"Don't be like this. You should take care of your hand."

"I won't die!"

Leila was picked up by the man, her heart pounding. The man's resolute side face was perfect. Her hands could not help but encircle the man's neck. Max was delighted to place the little woman in his arms into the big bed gently.

Of course, Leila knew what it meant to do so. Soon, like rain, he kissed on her forehead, lips and neck. This time, Max's movements were gentle, for fear of hurting her too much.

The atmosphere between them seemed to be more harmonious. Everything was natural. Max caressed her smooth back. "Do you want something to eat?"

It was then that Leila remembered that she hadn't eaten anything for a long time. When she realized what had happened, she became so feeble that she even didn't have the strength to eat. Sitting beside the bed, Leila gulped down the food. "Don't eat too fast," said Max.

The man's affection for her made Leila feel a little embarrassed. Even though she was a lady, she was not graceful while eating. Such kind of behavior was rare in the rich young ladies. Now she was a little unhappy when she heard that. She said, "you have seen the way I eat before."

Perhaps not wanting to be misunderstood by Leila, Max poured a glass of water and handed it to her. Leila stared

lt not good to be stared by Max, so she stayed in the room for a while.

When she went out, she saw Max sitting in the lounge in the hall. She walked towards the man and asked, "Why are you alone? Where are they?"

Hearing her answer, Max raised his head and glanced at her angrily. He wondered if Leila had been too frightened to know what had happened last night. It was not early in the morning, so she quietly sat down next to Max. According to his promise yesterday, he could not interfere her in visiting her mother. Therefore, when Leila went downstairs, she had made up her mind that she would visit her mother today.

"When shall we go back?"

Hearing that, Max took a look at Leila. She was really a rough woman. She had fought so hard last night, but she wasn't hungry at all?

The man held Leila's hand and led her to the dining room. Leila was confused, but she remembered something at the sight of the dining room. "Oh, I almost forget it if you didn't mention it. I'm so hungry!"

Hearing that, Max took a look at the woman by his side with disdain. He really wanted to dig out her brain to see what was inside. However, she looked somewhat lovely in this way. It was really rare that she didn't argue with him but showed her original face in front of him.

While eating, Leila looked at the man sitting opposite to her. "Oh, where is Wendi and others?"

"They have gone!"

Hearing this, Leila almost spat out the food in her mouth. "They have left? They went back? Then why are we here? How could boss stay and they went back to work? "

"What do you think?"

Taking a deep breath, Leila was surprised. It was the first time that she had been treated like that. Although it was a special treatment given by Max, she still couldn't stay here with so many employees working there. She could not keep drawing paper towels and wiping her mouth.

Max looked at her in confusion. God knew that he deliberately sent those people away, only to leave them here for he wanted to accompany her more.

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