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   Chapter 224 Each One Gets Different Ideas

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With these cold words, he went into the darkness, leaving Robert in a mess in the wind. Was he still the cold CEO?

The further he walked, the higher the weeds became. Max was tall, and with three or two movements, he stepped on these weeds and looked for Leila along the way they came over. As he had thought, messy sounds came out in unison. At this moment, a person appeared so insignificant in the mountain. Under the faint light on the path forward, it was difficult for him to step deep and shallow.

Thinking that Leila was afraid of the dark, Max could imagine the little woman now. The man's deep eyes were even more determined. He must find that woman as soon as possible.

It was clear that someone passed on a road and some grass was trampled on it. After looking around carefully, Ron had a strong feeling that the person he was looking for was here.

Without hesitation, he walked in. The weeds here were much more thick than the outside. It seemed that very few people would come in here. He continued walking.

Occasionally, he would see some grass trampled on the ground along the roadside, which made Max even surer the position of that woman.

The flashlight flashed on Leila's face. She thought it was an illusion, yet she opened her eyes and slowly looked up. Her eyes were as dark as the night. She was scared, and she wanted someone to save her, but she waited so long that she was about to fall asleep.


He could not help but make a sound. In such a case, he guessed that the little woman would have been scared to faint, or perhaps she had fallen asleep, so he had to call her name.

The sound of the wind was mixed with her name. Leila sat up and looked around.

The flashlight in Lena's hand was shaking around, hoping that Leila could see these, "Leila..."

Leila heard it clearly this time, and the light of the flashlight from far to near was always flashing. She struggled to raise her spirit and looked at the distance until the familiar voice came close to her. A hint of amaze, and then more surprise came into her eyes.

"I am here."

In response to the Max's call, Leila promised at once without hesitation. When hearing the woman's voice, he suppressed the excitement in his heart and walked over.

In the darkness, Max could only see that Leila curled up when she was holding herself tightly, which made her seem insecure. It was not until he walked up to her that the woman had held his waist. "I'm scared!"

She felt wronged, squeezing out two words from her nose. A sort of impulse struck in his heart, and he pinched Leila's chin for a kiss. Leila was tired and hungry, but her body had no strength at all. So she didn't refuse the kiss.

Feeling that the little woman was a little tired, Lord Mu raised his head and looked at her frightened face. "Are you scared now?"

Leila nodded. She had been afrai

t do you mean? Did you know something again? "


Max didn't hide his emotions at all. He boldly spoke out Charles's name. These days, he had been waiting for an explanation from Leila. But this woman was stubborn. She not only didn't explain, but also gave him a cold war. In order to control himself, he endured not seeing her.

"We are just friends. I swear to you that I will never cheat on you. I will never cheat on you."

Looking at Leila's serious look, Max said, "that's the best!"

"Can you promise me one thing?"

"Make a deal with me?" asked Max, with a gloomy face.

Leila shook her head. Of course she dared not negotiate with him, but she hadn't visited her mother for a long time, so she said directly in anger, "as long as you don't restrict me to visit my mother, I have to promise you that I will not contact any other men!"

The man's lips twisted. This woman dared to negotiate with him, but this seemed to be a good bargain. "Are you sure?"

Leila strongly nodded her head. Since she knew her love, she had no plan to have any relationship with any other men, and naturally nothing would happen as before.

There was a smile on Max's face, which was not clear in the darkness. Leila followed him on. They seemed to have talked a lot on the way. Leila could not believe that he had answered so many questions.

They had gone out of the jungle unconsciously. Looking at the mottled light in the distance, Leila cried happily, "we finally come out. I'm so tired!"

Finally, the last bit of strength that could support her was gone, and her weak half body was hanging in the arms of Max. Without hesitation, he lifted her in his arms and walked towards the resort.

Looking at the exhausted woman in his arms, Max quickened his pace.

When Robert and Wendi saw that Max was coming in with Leila in his arms, they stood up from the sofa almost like jumping. "Mr. Mu."

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