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   Chapter 223 Cold War

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10049

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As Max hadn't gotten back to the apartment for a few days, Leila had gradually got used to not seeing him. At least, she could breathe heavily.

On weekend, Leila got up early out of habit and changed into sports clothes. When she went downstairs, the maid saw her warmly greeting, "Miss Leila, what's up?"

"There's a trip organized by the company. I may come back late tonight." Leila didn't finish her words. She wasn't sure whether Max would come back or not, but she habitually left the door after informing the maid.

When she arrived at the entrance of the company, all the staff had been there. Wendi and Leila sat together. "Are you okay?"

Leila glared at Wendi who was curious and said "he hasn't been back for a week."

Wendi was quite surprised, because she hadn't heard of it from Robert that Max didn't come back to the apartment. But looking at Leila's good look, she guessed that she must be in a good mood now. "Haven't you thought about the reason?"

Leila sighed slightly. She knew clearly about the character of Max, but she didn't have so much time to guess the man's temper, because he was uncertain. "I can't!"

Wendi sighed again. She clearly knew that the way they got along with each other shouldn't like this. She looked at Leila's face and shook her head. "You should change your personality."

Leila didn't care about that at all. When they arrived at the destination, it was already ten o'clock. Wendi gave her a bottle of water and said, "This year, our mission is to pass through the mountain forest here and then gather at the resort over there!"

Leila blinked. She stared at the lush mountain forest in front of her and asked, "have you done a field survey here? What if we get lost? "

Wendi poked her head with her finger and said, "there are so many people here. Are you sure you will get lost?"

The only path in the thick forest was winding out, which looked like many people were walking before. Wendi and Leila were walking side by side and occasionally chatted.

"By the way, when did you get together with Robert? Was there any clues before?"

"How can we let you see that? Besides, you had been paying close attention to Veron during that period. You had no time to care about us," said Wendi.

There was no denying that Leila had been observing him closely when they were at the university. She smiled regretfully and said, "stop talking about the past! It's all over now!"

"Do you regret it?"

"Sure, I regret!"

Leila walked a few steps forward with a smile. Wendi stood still, because as a leader of a company, she thought it was necessary to care about the safety of the employees here.

Leila took a few steps forward, but found that the person behind her didn't follow up. She stood still and waited. Suddenly, a rabbit appeared in the grass. It was pure white all over and it was eating grass on the alert. Leila couldn't help but run towards the rabbit. Wouldn't it be better if she could catch it.

The rabbit was frig


He said in an indifferent and anxious tone. He hadn't seen this woman for only a few days and she was like this. He didn't know what to do with her.

Robert received the order and called someone immediately. Ten minutes later, he and Max boarded the helicopter and headed for the destination.

On the way to the forest, Max was not in a good mood. His eyes were staring down, and it was already dark below. He hoped that he could have a pair of penetrating eyes to see his little woman in an instant. But now it was dark. Thinking that woman was afraid of darkness, she must be scared now.

He still remembered the scene when Leila was in the cabin last time, which made him clench his fists. "Hurry up!"

The powerful momentum made Robert can't help but tremble. He really didn't know what the two women were doing. They have organized this wild activity. Well, it was okay if she was fine. But if Leila was not okay, looking at Max's posture, he was really afraid that Wendi would be dismembered!

Leila held herself tightly, yet she could hear a lot of strange sounds in the mountain at night. The rustling of trees and grass made her feel scared. She curled up, but she still felt insecure.

Finally, the lamppost was lit up. It seemed that they were close to the target. Max got off the plane and looked at the mountain outside. It was dense at night and the wind blew at the mountain. Under such a situation, he couldn't imagine how Leila got through it alone.

"Gather our men to go into the mountain!"

At the order, Robert immediately called the guide of the resort. When the guide heard that they were going into the mountain at night, he kept shaking his head and said, "it's very dangerous in the mountain at night. I don't recommend it!"

Max didn't say anything, he asked Robert to prepare something for him and walked toward darkness. Robert followed Max and asked "Mr. Mu, you..."

"Wait here. If we don't go back before dawn, you find the rescue team directly!"

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