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   Chapter 221 Find Any Clue (Part Two)

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Charles tapped on the steering wheel and thought for a while. "Since she doesn't come out, we'll wait for her to come to you!"

Leila looked at him, "what do you mean?"

Charles raised his eyebrows and told her his plan. In fact, he had wanted to help Leila for a long time, but she was in a dangerous situation now. He was warned by Senior Mr. Qiao that he shouldn't get involved in this matter, so he had been hiding it until now. It was only a suggestion, and the matter shouldn't be so serious.

"Spread the news that the upper clan has decided to harm this person. This person will try to leave or find a place that can be protected in order to protect herself. Do you know what to do?"

Her eyes twinkled with excitement, and then Leila was reminded by Charles, "If my memory serves me right, tomorrow is the last day of our plan!"

He had been paying close attention to her news, but could not help making a move in time.

The car arrived at the company. At Leila's invitation, Charles followed her to her office. When he saw Rosa, Rosa sneered, "Miss Song, you are really something! Men around you are so able to find you!"

Leila glared at her, "You don't have to worry about that. You'd better think about who to help you!"


What did she hear just now? Threatening or that Leila had found evidence? Why did Charles suddenly appear?

"Charles, drink some water."

Leila and Charles sat face to face, "Thank you so much for what you have done today. If it were not for you, I couldn't imagine what I would do, as a fly living in my own house."

"Now is not the time to thank me. Remember to invite me to dinner when the truth is revealed."

Leila nodded in approval. She had always trusted him without reservation, which, in her opinion, was an inborn nature, which reminded her of some kind of kinship.

After they chatted a little longer, Charles told Leila to move quickly, after all, tomorrow was the last day of their cooperation. Leila nodded and called Wendi right away, indicating that she should carry out her plan immedi

t the person on the other side. "Didn't we have a deal to treat you for dinner after it's done? How about this place?"

Charles said indifferently. He didn't care about anything as long as he could see Leila.

Through the glass window, the young man looked at Leila and smiled. They looked like a couple or a couple for many years with tacit understanding. A smile appeared at the corners of Rosa's mouth. "Leila, you may have forgotten, the last thing that Max is afraid of is that there is another man appearing beside his woman!"

She sent the photo quickly, and finally added, "Although I don't want you to be deceived, I still don't want you to be cheated."

She had already defined herself as a silly girl who was waiting for her love, who was aggrieved yet had a deep love for him.

Max's cellphone vibrated. After reading it without hesitation, Max found that the woman, who was lost in his mind, was smiling happily at Charles. The cellphone broke into pieces all of a sudden, "Leila, you are courting death!"

Leila, sitting opposite to Charles, sneezed for no reason and trembled inexplicably, which made Charles worried about her. "Leila, are you all right? Are you too tired?"

"Take it easy. I'm not that fragile."

Charles put his hand on her forehead. The corners of Rosa's lips curved into a wild smile. Now she had to go and comfort the jealous man.

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