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   Chapter 218 Be Alerted (Part One)

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Confused, she went back and opened the portfolio. It would never be here.

"Ah!" realizing that she behaved inappropriately, Rosa immediately covered her mouth with her hands. Her face was pale. In the photo, there was a line of words on the back, which read, "you know it!"!

She immediately took out her mobile phone and called Grady, "What should we do, what should we do?"

Thinking that the matter had not been settled yet, Leila would not let it go. And by the love of Max for her, she had expected the consequences.

"Rosa, don't panic. You came out quietly."

At the corner of the corridor, Wendi turned a corner and saw Rosa rushing out. Although she tried to calm herself down, her rapid steps and quick reaction still exposed her.

Looking at Rosa's back, Leila sneered. What was she up to?

There was too much information and they two sorted out their thoughts. First, this matter was related to Rosa. Second, she also had hidden helpers. Third, the women were acquainted by Rosa.

"So the key is to find this woman!"

They said almost at the same time, and there was a glimmer of light in their dark eyes, "let's go and find her!"

The two of them rushed to the dead person's house. When they found that the family had left, they rushed downstairs and met Kent.

"What are you doing here?"

"Where is she?"

Kent seemed to realize that he was shouting to make them get on the car quickly. They got on the car and followed the car in front closely, then they found that the car had already been on the airport expressway.

What Kent worried about finally happened. Leila's hands started to tremble. If she left this time, it seemed that everything she and her company would be ruined.

"Drive fast, buy more

ust got the emigration qualification in a short period of time. Can you explain this to me? "

Hearing that, Leila and Wendi took a deep breath. It seemed that Kent was a professional person. Though it was appropriate to ask such a serious question, the woman opposite to her was stunned. She could not help but burst into tears.

Apparently, Kent had got what he wanted. He sat next to Leila with a self-satisfied smile. The three persons were looking at Vivian at the same time. This woman must know something about giving orders.

Wendi took out the recorder and made a record.

It turned out that the dead had already known that he was cancer but had no money to treat her before he died. One day suddenly this woman came to him and made him have an accident in the accident on purpose. Of course, she did not die. It was said that he could get one million dollars as the pension from the company after the accident. The dead was tempted, but he did not want to lose his life after the accident. As a result, the woman was unexpectedly murdered. So she helped her apply for the emigration in case of being found out and asked her to leave with money.

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