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   Chapter 217 The Challenge From Spencer

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When it came to the key word, everyone was always silent. The tit for tat behavior of Max had become a symbol. Seeing that the people below did not react, he continued to say, "the Mu Group is not that easy to be affected!"

"How can you prove it?"


The man stood up indifferently, leaving the crowd behind in a panic. This man was too arrogant. At that time, they would like to see how he could save the situation.

When he opened the door and met Spencer, Spencer greeted him warmly, "Hi, brother."

With a disdainful look on Max's face, Max patted him on the shoulder and said, "you'd better use some high-end means when you do such little tricks in the future!"

Spencer was so angry that he hit the wall with his fist. Although he couldn't come to the scene, he could imagine how those cunning people made things difficult for him. No wonder he was so angry, but it seemed that the result was not bad.

After taking off his suit, Max called Leila. "Where are you?"

His tone was flat, but in Leila's ears, it sounded strange. "What happened?"

"Come to the company."

"I'm sorry. I have something to deal with now. I'll go back to the apartment early tonight."

Leila hung up the phone, but Max didn't know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing to push the woman out?

It seemed that nothing good would happen to her now. Leila's attitude to him was getting bolder and bolder, which made Max upset. However, he couldn't order her as before, so he fell into deep thought.

"Leila, what should I do with you?"

Max muttered to himself, with his hand unconsciously tapping on the table. 'whatever, I will talk to you when I get home.'.

Looking at the time, Max stood up and left. Max met Spencer downstairs who just got off work. Spencer raised his eyebrows and asked, "do you need to go home with me?"

Hearing that, Max glared at him. He knew clearly about his plan. He asked him to go home with him to talk back to Matt, and then took the opportunity to join the core team of the company. He knew more about his ambition than anyone else and his aim of letting Matt send him to the company, but he still thought about his little woman.

Leila was not in the mood for work, and she felt that today's Max was a little weird. She walked in quietly, and the maid smiled at her politely. "Is Mr. Mu back?"

"Sir is in the study."

When she arrived at the door of the study, she hesitated for a moment before she slowly grasped the door. "Come in," Max said

"You are back. Why do you come back so early today?"

While absorbed in his work, Max didn't look up at her immediately. Until Leila came close and saw that the man's tired look slightly eased, she walked over naturally and raised her hand to rub his temples.

They hadn't come up with each other for a long time. She still remembered that back then, Max had always been oppressing her like this and forcing her to give him a massage. At that time, she hadn't seemed to understand his difficulties. Now, when she s

her hand, indicating that Wendi didn't want to uncovered her wound. Wendi nodded, "it seems that we have to speed up."

All of a sudden, Leila took out a photo from the private drawer. Seeing that, Wendi immediately understood what she meant, "Do you want to alert the enemy?"

Leila didn't say a word. She raised her eyebrows proudly. It seemed that she had got an idea. All of a sudden, Wendi understood what she meant.

She reluctantly knocked on the door of Rosa's office. "Miss Song is looking for you!"

A triumphant smile crept on Rosa's face. "It's all over. I thought she was capable."

Then Wendi and Rosa went to Leila's office together. They walked very slowly, but after turning back to take a look at them, they finally left in relief.

"What's up? Do you want to fire me? I don't agree with your reasons, and I believe Max won't agree! "

Leila stopped smiling softly, but the cold expression on her face made Rosa a little scared. She stood up and walked up to her. They were about the same height and her face was almost touching Rosa's nose. The powerful momentum made her step back, "you What do you want to do? "

The door of the office was closed. Leila's face was full of triumph. "What if I push you like the last time?"

"How dare you?"

A look of disdain came over Leila's face. Then she laughed out loud, "are you scared, too?"

This was Leila's place. The reason why they framed her up before was that they had speculated that Max would come back. Now that the office door was closed, she was unable to defend herself. "Leila, what do you want to do?"

Suddenly, Leila grinned, "Nothing. I was just kidding!"

When the door of the office was opened by Wendi, which indicated that she could leave now, Rosa was stunned for a while. She thought that things were not that simple?

In a hurry on her high heels, she returned to her office and saw the file bag on the desk with a note attached, no name on it. She chased out and looked around. There was no one in the corridor.

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