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   Chapter 216 Miss You

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The phone rang at this time. Leila immediately answered it when she saw the name on the screen, without the least hesitation. When she turned around, she looked back at Max. She hurriedly left after saying goodbye.

Looking at the woman's figure, Max was angry. She just left him alone like this. Didn't she know how much he wanted to help her?

Leila hurried to the place with the phone in her hand. Although she felt a little guilty about Max, it was replaced by hope soon. As Kent said that the matter had some clues, she hurried here.

As Kent waved to her, Leila quickly sat down in front of him, "Sorry for keeping you waiting."

"I just arrived."

With a gentle smile on his face, the man who was staring at Leila couldn't help but look her up and down. "Now you are very busy with your work. It doesn't matter for me to wait a minute!"

Leila smiled awkwardly, trying to lighten the tension. She asked, "Any progress?"

Kent then took out a document from his bag, "it's a bit difficult for the family members to work, but luckily I have found some problems. They are the family members of the deceased. Do they want to emigration?"

Shocked, Leila thought to herself, 'emigration? She was stunned for a while, but soon she got the answer from Kent.

All the family members in the accident had received compensation, a large sum of money, but after all, they were relatives, which shocked Leila a lot.

It was obvious that Kent knew what Leila was going to do. "I want to work in the emigration family."

Leila nodded. That was the only thing she could do now. She stirred the coffee in the cup unconsciously. Then she looked at the ginger gift. Though it was a little impolite, she still wanted to remind Kent, "Well, we don't have much time left. Could you..."

Kent nodded. He had read the news this morning. Now he knew the woman in front of him again. This woman was really not afraid of death.

Suddenly, Kent looked behind Leila. He was surprised. He nodded to the man, "Hello, Mr. Mu."

Leila turned around, only to see that Max was standing angrily behind her. She immediately stood up and said, "Sorry, about the matter just now, I..."

"I know Max is angry. But only Leila knows it. Otherwise, he wouldn't have come all the way over here to" lay hands on me. ".

Although Kent looked handsome, he didn't think it was worth mentioning in Max's eyes. Leila would rather ask such a man for help than come back to confess to him. She was stubborn.

Having noticed the dangerous look in Max's eyes, Kent wisely stood up and left. Leila said goodbye to him with a smile. Suddenly, she felt the strength coming from her chin.

"I think you have probably forgotten the fact that whose woman you are now?"

Leila looked at him helplessly. She was so afraid of him now, but she was too tired to take care of him. "Don't be like this, I..."

It was the second time that Max had actively expressed his love to Leila. He looked at the woman in front of him angrily and

it was obvious that Max did not care about others and pampered her woman arbitrarily in the past.

"Mr. Mu, the emergency meeting!"

Robert was with the pale faced, Max walked towards the meeting room with a dark face. Obviously, he had to face something?

He should have guessed who it was since the news spread so fast.

With a strong momentum, all the directors showed helpless and disappointment when they saw the appearance of Max. Max cleared his throat and the meeting room began officially.

An old man was questioning him. The newspaper was thrown in front of him. "Explain what does this mean?"

Sure enough, it was about Leila. He remained calm and glanced at them indifferently. "What do you want me to explain?"

All these companies were given to him by Johnson, so it was normal for him to let Leila run them. But lately, she was unlucky and had been framed. He was also trying to help her out.

"When did you start with such an unimpressive company? How dare you insult us? Are you kidding with the interests of all of us?"

"Yeah, you're not the only boss in this company. You can dote on your woman, but don't be a burden to everyone!"

There was still a slight expression on Max's face. He didn't expect that the person was so impatient to drive him out of the office so soon. With a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, he said, "In terms of profit, who gets less money in the first place? Have you lost your interest in the past many years?"

The people were rendered speechless. With the power of Max, he did bring them a lot of money and also a large company. They recognized his ability due to this.

"This company is facing a lot of problems, and it is still in a tough time. Are you sure we will get our company into trouble by doing this?"

"Accidents often do harm to the reputation of the Mu Group!"

In an instant, they fell in another side. Hearing that, Max pursed his lips and kept silent for a while. "In a word, it's a matter of interests!"

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