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   Chapter 214 How Stupid Of You

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Leila was knocking at the table. It seemed that no one knew what Kent had told them, but they didn't have enough evidence to charge these people. The public opinion was going to change drastically all of a sudden. If they couldn't handle it, they would have more face problems.

Wendi was at a loss as well. "Or you'd better go back to find Max. At least he won't stand by!"

Leila's face changed slightly. She seemed to have guessed what she would face when she thought of the photo that Max had taken out to question her. The stubborn Leila didn't want to bow her head to him at this time.

"If he is willing to believe me, will we face so many problems?"

Apparently, Leila had understood what Max was going on, but he didn't know that she had been sad when he showed the photo, so she didn't expect him to stand up for the time being.

Wendi raised her wrist to look at her watch. Wendi had known Leila for such a long time, and even though she had a good relationship with Max, she still knew about her time schedule. Wendi asked, "it's late now. Are you still not going back?"

Leila closed her eyes and shook her head blankly. She didn't want to go back because she didn't know how to face Max.

In fact, Max was waiting for an explanation, but this woman would never explain. However, their relationship had become stiff as well.

"Since you don't want to stay here, how about eating something?"

They soon arrived at a famous restaurant and sat down in the corner out of habit. Leila, however, still looked unhappy. Wendi asked Leila what she wanted to eat, but she just shook her head and said: "whatever."

After several delicious dishes were served on the table, Leila's glowing face was replaced by a variety of complicated affairs instead of being radiant as before. She said, "I'm really envious of you. Don't think too much."

A bitter smile emerged on Wendi's face. In fact, Leila didn't know how tired she was living. Her parents' hatred was like a mountain pressing on her, making her unable to breathe. Every night she woke up from nightmares. "Well, eat something. Don't think too much."

At this moment, the door of the restaurant was pushed open. Max walked in first, and then followed them in white. They walked towards the familiar box.

With her head tilted to one side, Leila looked at the glass window next to her. Unexpectedly, she saw a shadow of Max and Rosa printed on the glass window. At such a critical moment, they

Sensing her unusual behavior, Wendi turned her head to the direction of the door. Sure enough, when Max and Rosa entered the box, she took a special look at Leila and asked, "are you okay?"

Leila tried to cheer herself up and said indifferently, "Do you think I should rush up now and ask them why they are together?"

Wendi knew Leila was not such an impulsive woman. Even if she was unhappy, she would hide her emotions and pretend nothing had happened.

After getting along with her for a long time, she had got used to Leila's personality. Although she was not a woman who was easily bullied, somet

ked the car to be parked in the underground garage. She walked through the secret passage to the office directly. Wendi stared at the computer screen anxiously. "Wendi?"

Seeing her, the latter's eyes brightened inexplicably, but it was a little unbearable to see Leila's haggard appearance. Although the woman in front of her had delicate make-up on her face, she was still pale and haggard, and her eyes were full of red blood. "Didn't you sleep well?"

This was not the point. The point was what Leila cared the most at the moment. She stared at Wendi.

"It is obvious that someone is targeting US this time. They keep bringing this matter up. You have seen the reporters outside the door. Now in the name of protecting the victims, they ask us to tell the truth, and they even doubt our attitude!"

Leila's face darkened. She had thought that the media would take action after the matter of Daisy was exposed, but didn't expect that they would be so determined that they would keep biting her. Leila suddenly lost her idea. Now, there was no evidence for her to show. It was a pure waste of time.

Silence might be the best way to face the media now.

They looked at each other in silence at the same time, but there was nothing they could do. The assistant outside ran in with sweat. "Miss Song, the reporters outside It seems that there are more and more of them! "

Wendi waved to the man to leave and added, "I think we need to buy time. We need to find something that can help us."

Hearing that, Leila's heart skipped a beat. She seemed to have understood Wendi what was going on, and a person jumped out of her heart. But thinking of their relationship, she shook her head and said, "never mind. I'll go out and tell those reporters that I'll give them a satisfactory answer in three days."

After seeing Leila, all the reporters didn't keep silent and threw a sharp question at her.

"What do you think of this incident, Miss Song?"

"I heard that it was man-made. Do you know who did it? How do you plan to fight back? "

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