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   Chapter 213 The Trap

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Looking at her back, she walked out of the rotating door and Max turned his eyes back. Her mind was in a mess, but the man still smiled politely.

"Mr. Mu, nice to meet you again."

Then he walked out of the restaurant, just in time to follow the steps of Leila. Max stood in the same place, and the emotions in his eyes were very appalling.

'when did they get so familiar with each other?'? Why did Leila react so indifferently to his proposal? Was everything she did before all a disguise?

All sorts of confusions surrounded Max and made him out of breath. Looking at the empty restaurant, he felt even more annoyed.

"Max, why are you standing here?"

Having been waiting in the room for a long time, not seeing Max coming, Rosa could not help asking.

Hearing this, Max looked at her indifferently.

"I have something else to do tonight."

Without waiting for Rosa's response, the man turned around and left. Rosa intended to catch up with him, but she stopped and looked at his back. A hint of cruelty and ferocity flashed in her eyes.

No matter why he left today and no matter how important he had in his heart, she would win his love back!

After leaving the dining room, Leila went back to the apartment. The maid was still cleaning the room. She was not in a good mood, so she took a quick shower and went to bed.

Max didn't come back the whole night. The reason why Leila could know that was because she didn't fall asleep last night, not because she was waiting for Max, but because she was suffering from insomnia.

Leila, who hadn't suffered from insomnia for a long time, was sleepless again tonight, just like she couldn't sleep well after being reprimanded by Johnson many years ago.

She couldn't fall asleep today not because of Johnson, but because of Max.

Leila didn't know since when he had such a great influence on her, but when she found out, the relationship between the two was not as bad as she imagined.

Leila tossed and turned in bed, and did not fall asleep. By the time she woke up, she found that it was already very early in the morning. Leila had been sleeping for the whole night. She looked sleepy in the morning, with severe dark circles under her eyes. This was the consequence of her lack of sleep.

She looked at herself in the mirror, and she found herself so haggard, totally different from the previous vitality. After spending more than half a year with Max, she seemed to have been reborn.

The original appearance became stranger and stranger. Leila washed her face and laughed at herself in the mirror.

But what's the use of complaining about her? She didn't even want to take a look at herself, even Max.

If it's useless to live for others, then live for yourself once!

Thinking of this, Leila felt that something in her chest was ignited, and her whole body was full of fighting spirit. She licked her lips, and then lifted her eyes like clear.

She never knew emotion. But she just let it go and would not make any changes or sacrifice for it.

"Leila, you can do it!"

Someone said that it would make her more confident if she cheered herself up in front of the mirror. Leila had a try and felt it did work. She didn't kno

her and cause the netizens' discussion, it could be turned around.

It was much better than the present stalemate. Leila's eyes suddenly brightened. Her thought was basically the same as that of Wendi. When she realized what was happening, she began to think about the question.

"Do you mean we can make this thing a reminder?"

She asked Kent. Kent snapped his fingers and said, "bingo, that's exactly what I want to say!"

It was easy to talk to a wise man. Leila thought Kent looked like a gift. Then she and Wendi smiled at each other.

It was not that they were trying to get Rosa into trouble, but that she built a trap for herself.

It was "lifting a stone and throwing it at your own feet", which meant that Rosa might be in a state of shock now.

This judge wouldn't have been allowed to leak out, but Leila had made it public through certain channels.

In addition to the photo of the suspect given by Max, it attracted the speculations and discussion of the vast netizens at the moment of exposure.

The Internet was a place where all kinds of people and people gathered. There were all kinds of people, including elites and dregs. But no matter which kind of person it was, under today's situation, it would help them a lot.

When the news was released, some netizens speculated that it was true. After all, everyone knew that the family member of the deceased would definitely not be punished so lightly according to the law. Therefore, some people believed that there must be someone behind her, and the reason why someone helped her was obvious. It was also true that even the family members of the deceased were helping her.

Then it made sense that the suspect Leila had released according to Max was not attacked by the netizens. Instead, they wanted to get some clues from Leila.

Leila's next target was her. Now that she was Rosa's target, it meant that she was related to the case as well, or even if not directly, there were some reasons for her to be the scapegoat.

Since Rosa had given her such an obvious clue, if she wouldn't go on investigating. she was so sorry for Rosa's good intentions. '.

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