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   Chapter 212 Enemies Are Destined To Meet

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10038

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When Leila arrived at the Seven Mile restaurant, Kent had been waiting for her for a long time. She sat down in a hurry with an apologetic smile on her face.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting."

She said this and Kent smiled, "It's my off hours now. Even if you are late, you don't have to pay with time."

To a certain extent, Kent was a very humorous man. Leila laughed, ignored him, sat down opposite him and asked with a menu, "What do you want to eat?"

"Maybe we'll have the same taste if you like it."

Kent said as he raised his hand. Leila glanced at him and ordered some dishes as she liked. Then she closed the menu and handed it to the waiter.

The waiter closed the door for them when he left.

"Let's make a deal first. It's me who treat you to this meal." With Leila's words like that, Kent nodded at her.


Leila was relieved. She would repay the favor, though in a vulgar way like eating.

Looking at the smiling Kent on the other side, Leila suddenly remembered what Wendi said at noon. Something went wrong.

Leila didn't want to have a dubious relationship with other man, because she was a straightforward person. She didn't like people to beat around the bush. Besides, she was a sincere woman when it came to relationships. She didn't want to play tricks, so Leila took the lead.

"In fact, there is something I want to make clear with you today."

As soon as she finished her words, Kent threw the question back to her, "what's up?"

Leila pursed her lips. She suddenly felt that she didn't know where to start with this matter. She thought for a long time and seemed to organize words. And Kent didn't urge her. He just waited quietly for her words.

"Mr. Jiang, you should know the relationship between me and Max, right?"

After a long while, Leila changed the topic and Kent said, "I know everything about you."

When Leila heard this answer, she paused for a moment and continued, "Since you know, then I'll go straight to the point. There is no doubt that the public know the relationship between me and Max, so my identity is obvious..."

"Wait, Miss Song, do you think that I treat you well for some other purpose?"

Before Leila could finish her words, she was interrupted by Kent. She looked at the man in front of her and blinked. For a while, she didn't know how to respond.

"Miss Song is so lovely. To be honest, you are exactly the kind of girl I like according to your appearance and personality. But I also know what I'm doing and who I am. In this case, you will never do anything crossing the line."

He was a good lawyer. When she heard what he said, she stopped thinking about him. Leila said to him as if he was a friend, "Then I can rest assured."

After saying that, she thought it a little inappropriate. It seemed that he was pestering her, which made her feel impolite. But Kent didn't care about it at all, so Leila had to give up.

"But I don't mean that I will take any action if you break up with him due

"I didn't forget."

Leila had always obeyed what he said, but now her confidence was destroyed. She didn't even want to do things according to his will. She wanted to do herself back, after all, she had tried to live up to his wish, but the result was so disappointing.

There was a strange expression in Kent's eyes when he saw the two people's current state. He looked at Leila who looked obviously aggrieved.

"As far as I know, you two haven't gotten married yet. According to the law, what Mr. Mu did to Miss Song has violated the law."

With a decent smile on his face, Kent said in an indifferent tone. Hearing that, Leila was shocked and abruptly looked at him, indicating that he didn't know what kind of person Max was.

Although Max could still distinguish right from wrong in normal times, he would never ask for the right and wrong when someone offended him.

As expected, Max's face darkened. He looked at the man in front of him and said, "what a famous Kent! But who told you that I'm not in a relationship with her? The engagement party will be held next month. I hope you can attend it. "

Leila was shocked by Max's words, for she had no idea what Max meant. Engagement party? Was it a relationship between him and her? Why didn't she know? Or was it just an excuse that he had made up his mind to prevent Kent from talking?

"Really? Congratulations! "

On hearing this, there was a strange look in Kent's eyes. But he didn't show any of his emotions on his face. The fight between the two men became more fierce, which annoyed Leila.

One was the man who abandoned her before, and the other was the man who didn't talk much with her. Were they trying to maintain his self-esteem as a man, or did they do it for her sake?

Judging from the current situation, it was obvious that they just took her as an excuse to defend themselves. In this case, They really treated her as an object.

"I'm going back."

Then Leila brushed past them and left the restaurant.

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