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   Chapter 210 Court Trial Two

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"You won't believe the person behind this. This is not the point I talked to you today. I'm going to talk about the compensation you gave me. I'll pay you back."

Leila said so lightly, but her tone remained calm. And Max, who sat opposite, looked at her fixedly without any reaction. Leila felt a little nervous, wondering whether he was angry or not.

"Give me back the compensation? Are you sure about that? "

After a long while, Leila heard his calm answer without any emotions. But she still felt sad.

She even started to consider whether she should agree to the marriage Senior Mr. Mu told her. However, such an incident happened and caused her suspicion of their love for each other, so the matter was delayed.

What had led them to such a situation? Ultimately, they have no trust in each other.

Just like now.

"Don't worry. I will pay you the compensation."

Leila said in a firm tone, staring at Max, and did not continue.

After a moment's silence, Max stood up suddenly and walked towards her. Seeing him approach her step by step, she couldn't help but step back step by step. When she was forced to the back of the sofa and had no way to go, his figure had already been in front of her.

Her chin was lifted by someone, so heavy that she had to raise her head to look at him. But when she looked at her calm eyes, there was no shock in his deep set eyes, as if nothing could provoke his change.

"What? You can't afford it. But if you decide to pay back with having sex with me, I can accept it. "

Max's words were like a bomb dropped in Leila's heart. Her calmness was lake instantly destroyed by the bomb. In the turbulent waves of the sea, his words belittled her to a certain extent.

The humiliation she felt at the beginning was aroused again. It had been a long time since Leila had such a feeling last time. She turned pale and looked at the man in front of her.

"I said I would give it back to you."

In the past, she would never be so tit for tat with him, but today she inexplicably got up the courage. Leila's tone was somewhat cold. Hearing her answer, Max's eyes were dark.

However, she always said something that would make him angry. Hearing that, Max's face turned. He took up the body of the little woman on the sofa and went straight to the bedroom.

Leila was thrown on the soft bed before she could react. The bed was so soft that her body sank down at the moment when it touched her. As Leila watched that Max was forcing her body step by step, a sense of fear rose in her heart for a long time.

When she was held in the arms, Leila was still in a trance. At the beginning, she was scared and resisted, but then she was gradually influenced by him, which was a natural state, and she couldn't resist.

Perhaps this was the irresistible force. Leila's reason was burnt out by the flames. Every inch of the palm of the Max's was triggered, and she felt a stream of electricity spreading through her

om the family of the deceased? As evidence, I want to find out who is behind the matter."

Said Leila seriously. She believed that with the strength of Kent, he could absolutely do this. After all, she was just an outsider in language, and she only knew a little about human nature. He was a professional lawyer. After professional training, he could naturally find the weakness of human nature, so as to attack.

Hearing this, Kent raised his eyebrows and answered without hesitation, "Okay, I'll take it."

Leila looked at him in surprise. She didn't expect that he would agree so soon.

"Will you double the expenses this time?"

Leila was joking with him like that. When Kent heard her words, he stopped. They stood in front of the people's court and looked at each other for a moment. Suddenly they felt a little embarrassed. While Leila was trying to change the topic, Kent said.

"If it's you who asked, it's completely free of charge."

Both of them were mature men. There was no need to hide something in a roundabout way. So, when Kent boldly showed his point, he would say it out. And Leila was not stupid. She knew that he had feelings for her. But she felt a little awkward about it.

"I don't think so. You are not going to tell me for free. I'm just joking."

Leila answered as she waved her hand. With a deep look at her, Kent said, "Since I have spoken it out, there is no way to take it back. It's the deal, whether you accept it or not."

His words choked Leila at the rest of what she was going to say. She looked at the man in front of her, who had a gentle smile on his face. Leila shrugged helplessly. As a lawyer, she couldn't escape from his eyes.

Since he was so kind, it would be unreasonable if she refused him. Leila asked, "Do you have time tonight? I want to invite you to dinner to show my gratitude. "

Although he didn't want herself to spend money anymore, she had to return the favor. So she had to have dinner with Kent.

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