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   Chapter 208 The True Relationship Between Daisy and Wayne

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"Help me with the company affairs. I'll go to Song Group this afternoon."

Leila said to Wendi. Hearing what she said, Wendi nodded. Wendi knew that it would have a great influence on the company if they bumped into each other at this stage. If she couldn't solve the problem well all the time, the impact couldn't be underestimated. Wendi said: "don't worry. I'll deal with it."

Leila nodded, went back to the company and cleaned it up. Then she went to the Song Group, as always, and entered the company under the gaze of everyone.

No one had come to her office for a long time, but it was still as spotless as before. Leila knew it must be her assistant cleaning it.

In Leila's view, Tansy was a nice assistant. She had been cleaning Leila's office since she was absent, and she had been very hardworking every day when she met her. She had never flattered or flattered her.

She was really a talented employee. And she believed that she would have a bright future if she could continue her training. That was just what an idea flashed through Leila's mind. For the time being, she had no energy to deal with them. The most important thing for her was to resolve what was happening in the company now.

"Help me call the Mr. Zhou."

When Leila left the office, she said so to Tansy, who nodded her consent. Not long after Leila had entered the office, a knock sounded on the door. Looking back, she found that Freddy was standing at the door, smiling obsequiously at her.

Judging from his facial expressions, Leila was sure that Freddy was loyal to her very much.

"Miss Leila, what can I do for you?"

Leila nodded, knowing that Freddy's heart now completely belonged to her side. In the past, he was in a double-sided situation, while he was doing things for Johnson, now he was doing things completely for her.

After all, he had her favors, so he would only be loyal to her.

Leila was amused by the fact that she got it for free. But at the same time, she was also cautious. If someone knew that she did nothing to help him during this period but only told the others his name, then he would be very angry when Freddy knew this.

She must be very careful about it and she couldn't afford to make any mistakes.

"I came here today to ask director Zhou about the result of my hiring you last time."

Leila said bluntly. Freddy nodded. He knew what she meant. He had done what she asked him to do.

"Miss Leila, please rest assured. I have made a thorough investigation of this matter. In terms of the relationship between Daisy and the chairman of the Thousand Ming group, I have a document for you."

Leila raised her eyebrows and didn't know what the document was about. She didn't realize it until she saw a document in the hands of Freddy when he came back from the office.

Looking at the report in her hand, the smile on Leila's face widened.

This time, Daisy had to be on her side. And she had to face the gossip together.

She could also feel the feeling of being discussed in such a vicious tone. She helped her to experience the feeling of being a star. She really took good care of her.

"Minister Zhou hav

hearing the news, the whole D city was buzzing.

No one knew that the daughter of the CEO of the Song Group was the CEO of the Thousand Ming Group's real daughter. And before that, they always called each other father daughter, which was an irony to the public.

And this event had also made Johnson become a hot topic on the Internet. Everyone wanted to see the man's expression when he knew that his daughter, who had been raised by him for more than twenty years, was being forced to marry someone else.

At this time, Johnson, who was the center of attention, smashed everything that could be smashed at home. He was very furious, but Sophia stood aside without saying a word. She didn't know how the secret of the matter was revealed by others. Obviously, they had done a good secret work.

"That's what you back for me that I have done for you for the past twenty years? !"

When there was nothing to hit, Johnson couldn't hold back his anger. He rushed to Sophia's eyebrows and roared in this way. His eyes were bloodshot, and it was unacceptable for him.

What the hell was that? He didn't expect that his wife had given birth to a daughter after she had affairs with another man. He had been treated as his own daughter for so many years. At last, his secret was found out and he had always been raising a daughter for others. If such a thing was known by others, Johnson would be so ashamed?!

"Johnson, listen to me. It's not what you think."

Sophia didn't know what to say. Sophia could only use these scarce words to express her feelings. While Johnson had completely lost his mind now. He didn't listen to her and just slapped on her face.

Sophia's words and behaviors were no longer as fragile as she used to be. She just disgusted him. Whenever he thought that she had lied to him for more than twenty years. Flames of fury blazed out of Johnson.

Even Sophia's swollen face couldn't take his heart back. He said coldly, "Sophia, I, Johnson, have always been good to you. But you push me to this position over and over again. Song family absolutely can't keep you alive!"

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