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   Chapter 205 A Meeting With Family

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The reason why she asked Leila to go after them was that she trusted Max in her love for Leila. And she knew Leila had nothing to do with it, so she came back now, which overturned all her speculation.

It seemed that she had overestimated Max. He was really stupid in love. He made Leila suffer so much that she made a wrong choice to let Leila go out!

"Silly girl! Do you have to hurt yourself like this? "

Her tone was full of deep blame and worry. Leila looked at Wendi and smirked.

"I find that you only care me sincerely."

Her words broke Wendi's heart. Wendi felt sorry for her. Wendi knew that she had trusted him wholeheartedly, but she had been hurt like this.


Wendi dragged her into her office and helped her bind up her wound with a medical kit.

Wendi expertly lifted the upper part of the skin where the inner flesh had been cut and bound up with the medicine.

The cut was deep. If it was deeper, the bone would have been injured. How could she just let it be like this? She didn't ask anything on their way back.

But her method was no different from hurting herself. Although she didn't agree with her method, she kept blaming herself.

"Is there anything else you care about? It's just a relationship. If you lose a man, tens of millions will be gone."

Leila laughed, "how do you know which of the ten million is your favorite?"

Hearing what she said, Wendi didn't know how to continue. She stared at her and said, "it doesn't matter even if you like him. You will get hurt anyway."

Leila didn't say anything, but watched her dressing, lost in thought.

In the eyes of Max, whether her wound was caused by herself or it would make him feel sorry for her. She couldn't guess at all about such a result.

But judging from the current situation, he thought that she deserved it. After all, when Rosa asked those questions in the hospital, he did not give a positive answer.

Leila had suffered enough from his honeyed words. She knew that it was unbelievable to trust a man in his words. However, after a failure in love with Veron, and Max's flattery, she still opened her heart involuntarily, but she was hurt the same way.

Damn it!

It was appropriate to comment her with this word now, Leila laughed at herself.

"Wendi. If only you were a man, I would marry you."

She tried to cover her difference from other girls. Wendi raised her eyes to look at her and said, "next life."

Leila was amused by her reply, and the depression in her heart seemed to dissipate a lot because of this laughter.

After the wound was wrapped, Leila forced herself to cheer up. She was hopeless in the aspect of personal love, but she had to be energetic when it came to work.

Although she got this company just because of some dumb luck, she was now the owner of it. She couldn't give it up easily. Now such a big thing had happened, and she needed to complete her work.

Max had invested a large amount of money in their company, and the rest

after their injury is healed, just hand in a resignation letter. We will never request any deposit or penalty from you, and this is also our company's compensation for you."

Once again, Leila blocked everyone's way.


When they heard her words, they were all shocked and wondered what she would say next. The shrewd man was shocked. He gazed at Leila, waiting for her answer.

With a smile on her face, Leila said, "our company will absolutely not stop you from quitting your job. But you are not allowed to leave in a week. After all, we still have to figure out the accident clearly. I hope you can understand and cooperate."

The wounded were their witnesses, and it was reasonable for them to stay for the evidence or visiting. But after they heard the news, their faces changed. Leila's smile deepened as if she had expected that.

"We don't need to investigate anymore. After our child recovers, we'll send you a letter of resignation at once. This company is a shit. Whoever loves to stay here can't even protect his own life. Who dares to stay here?"

The man raised his tone, trying to surpass Leila in momentum. But Leila still kept that indifferent smile. She nodded and said: "believe what I have just said. If you don't want to stay here, hand in your resignation letter. We will absolutely not stop you, but you can't resign within this week."

As soon as her voice fell, the man opened his mouth and wanted to continue to refute her. Leila said lightly, "we have talked to the police about this matter. If you don't want to be suspected of legal responsibility, you'd better obey the law."

Leila's words held back what the man was going to say. He opened his mouth, but didn't say anything. Leila looked calm on the face, but secretly sighed in her heart.

She knew that it was all because of Rosa. Those family members wouldn't just leave without her.

Leila was thinking about that in the beginning, but now she changed her mind when she saw their looks.

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