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   Chapter 204 Misunderstanding

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Hearing what Leila said, a strange feeling rose in Wendi's heart. Wendi walked towards Leila and held her in her arms, giving her some comfort. Then she patted her on the back and said.

"Don't worry. I'm here."

Looking at the women in front of her, Wendi believed that there must be something wrong. She knew that the affection that Max had for Leila was not just what it looked like. But in this case, if she was Max, she would also send Rosa to the hospital as soon as possible.

After all, it was not good to kill a person. Before that, Max didn't say anything else. Perhaps, he was afraid that there would be other accidents in this matter.

However, even though she could see through something, that didn't mean that Leila could also think so clearly. There was a lot of uncertainty about love. She didn't know exactly what Leila would think, but at present, what she could do was to give her some comfort and shoulders.

After crying for a while, Leila gradually calmed down. She was still a little worried about what had happened just now, but she could figure out what would happen to her if Max didn't send Rosa to the hospital as soon as possible.

Rosa was also a cruel woman. She would have her own way of doing things, and she was absolutely a person who would rather do everything for him than compromise. She was so resolute that no one could bear it. She just did it in front of Max.

No matter whether Max believed her arrangement or not, if he doubted that she intentionally hit that stone on her forehead, the ultimate goal of her would be achieved. It was that Max was worried about her in his heart.

Just as Leila had said, misfortunes came one after another. The company's affairs hadn't been settled yet, and now it was time for Rosa to stir up trouble again.

It was not strange that she was distracted. Leila was wondering whether she should go to the company or go to the hospital.

Although Rosa's injury was not caused by her, it was indirectly caused by her, so she had done such a thing. Leila wasn't the Virgin Mary, but she wasn't a cruel person. If something bad happened to Rosa, she couldn't evade her responsibility, and it was also her life's fault.

"If you want to go to the hospital, just go. I'll take care of the company affairs."

Leila shot a glance at Wendi while he was pondering. The gratitude in her eyes was so evident that Wendi could read her mind. It was a connection between emotions.

"Wendi, thank you!"

Leila said sincerely. Hearing what she said, Wendi smiled and said, "go ahead."

Leila nodded, picked up the briefcase beside her and rushed to the hospital. She didn't know which hospital Max brought Rosa out, but the nearest hospital to her was the hospital. If she was seriously injured, it would take the nearest principal, which was a great probability of success.

When she went out, she was surprised to see that Robert was still waiting for her over there. She quickly got on the car and said, "didn't you go with them?"

"I'm waiting for you," said Robert, taking a look at her from the rearview mirror

Hearing this, Leila was very grateful for his behavior. She kn

e had seen. After all, he had seen with his own eyes that the stone in Leila's hand was the main cause of Rosa's forehead injury.

Seeing is believing. So far, the evidence couldn't be called accurate. But he still couldn't believe what he saw with his own eyes.

Looking at the crowds in front of the hospital gate, Max's eyes gradually grew deep. The sun was just right, reflecting his eyes unable to open.

What, what was this for?

When Leila left, she got in Robert's car, allowing him to lead her on the road of the city with no aim.

Robert looked at the stunned Leila in the rearview mirror. He heaved a deep sigh in his heart. He was not sure about her relationship with Max. After all, there was a great difference between them.

At present, the only thing he could do was to bring her along and dispel her depression. However, he also knew that only Max could make her happy. For now, however, it seemed that Max was in a dilemma.

"Let's go back to the company."

Leila said after a long while. Her voice was a little hoarse, and her red eyes gradually returned to normal. She blinked, tears in her eyes.

Robert nodded and then changed the direction, heading to the company.

There were a lot of people in the company, and Leila knew that they were busy with the accident which was caused by Rosa. She didn't tell anyone about this, but she let the cat out of the bag. For the moment, Rosa was the biggest victim, and she was the cause of the whole thing.

A wry smile tugged at the corner of Leila's mouth. As the wind blew, the pain in her arm brought her back to her senses. She looked down at her bleeding wound and frowned.

The blood was not as much as it had been at the beginning, but it was still surging out, condensing a stream of blood, falling to the ground. When Wendi turned around, she saw such a scene.

Depressed, Leila stood in front of the company's door, looking at the wound on her arm that was bleeding, but she didn't care.

"What happened?"

Wendi asked in a sharp tone after she made a step forward and pulled her palm over to check the injury.

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