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   Chapter 201 The Fight Between Love Rivals

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10560

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When Leila appeared in the office again, everything was the same as before, including the hug of Veron, as if nothing had happened. She rubbed her temples with one hand and took a sip of tea. At last, she found a way to solve the problem of Max. The crisis would be averted soon. Thinking of this, she felt she should thank the stupid Daisy often said "father daughter relationship" to her, so that she could find a breakthrough.

Thinking of this, Leila's face lit up with a smile, which made her more charming in the setting sun.

"Beep -"

Her phone vibrated. It was a message from Max.

"I'm waiting for you downstairs at your company at 6 o'clock. Let's have dinner together. "

Leila grinned when she read the news. It seemed that she really fell in love with the man who was arrogant, cold and harsh to others. She really didn't know how to describe Max, such as sunshine, but he was very good to her, wasn't he?

That was enough.

Leila was a scheming woman. Although she was in her early twenties, she had made a name in the entertainment company in a very natural way. Apart from the necessary degree, she must be very scheming and have a strong connection. No one had ever resorted to some dark means yet? However, she didn't want to hurt the person she loved, at all.

"Yes!" Her slender fingers across the screen, as if the words were also frivolous and joyful.

At six o'clock, Leila packed her stuff and got off work on time.

Max's car was parked downstairs, and he was reading the document attentively. So Leila didn't disturb him. She gently opened the door and got on the car.

Obviously, Leila was a little tired. Leaning on the passenger seat, she squinted and didn't disturb Max.

Putting down the file in her hand, Max turned to kiss Leila softly on her lips and fastened the safety belt. From the slightly raised corners of Leila's mouth, it was not difficult to see that she knew what Max had just done, but she still opened her eyes and asked, "Playing rogue in the daytime?"

Max licked his lips. "Aren't you happy with me, the disloyal daughter?"

Leila's face turned red. She had been kissed by other people before, but other kiss was less attractive than that given by Max. It was strange that the bossy president Max had learned to say sweet words and flirted with her all the time.

Seeing that Leila's face was now covered with a few red spots, Max could not help bursting into laughter. He quickly shifted the topic and asked, "What do you want to eat?"

"The same place."

He stepped on the gas, dashing straight to the a street of the city. When he encountered several red lights at the crossing, he always stared at Leila. Did Leila remind him twice that it was a green light.

After parking the car in the underground parking lot, Max walked into the dining room with Leila. It was a stylish restaurant with a strong feeling of South Sea. The lanterns were of different colors, reflecting the dark and elegant corridor. Leila loved this style, so she chose this restaurant most of the time when Max and her met each other. After saying hello to the boss, Max drew Leila towards the room 109. Ma

g that, Max was shocked. Max kissed Leila's forehead, without saying a word.

Max believed that Leila could understand his meaning. Even though there was something between him and Rosa, it was in the past. He did like Rosa, but he had never mentioned the word "past". But in Leila's mind, she didn't thought so. That was why Max would rather keep silent than console her with a dubious move?

When Leila recovered from the coma, it was already a quarter past seven the next morning. She didn't have time to have breakfast. She hurriedly washed up and rushed downstairs.

Max's car was parked downstairs. This time, he did not read the file, but quietly waited for the hostess with one hand on the door. When Leila saw him standing at the door, she remembered that if Max hadn't drunk a lot with him last night, Max wouldn't be so stupid to offend Rosa. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. So Leila simply walked past Max and headed forward. Unfortunately, the key point was that Max skillfully leaned against the car to make a kale don against the wall. Max was in a favorable position to occupy the space.

"Miss Song, your coachman has bought breakfast for you. Could you please do me a favor and let him drive you to the company?" Then, he opened the car door, allowing Leila to push her into the car.

"Morning, breakfast ," said Max, as he got on the car

Leila took the food box and swallowed a little.

Knowing that Leila had overslept, Max drove as fast as possible in order not to be late.

"Yes, we are here." Max checked his watch and found that it was still useful. But if Max didn't arrive in time, he would be the one to arrive instead of Leila.

"Max, you?" Leila stopped before she could finish.


"I'm fine. Drive slowly."

"Okay. Don't worry. "

Leila didn't say anything more. Since Max didn't want to talk about the past, she decided to drop this topic. Besides, did he mean Rosa by saying that she could rest assured?

Thinking of this, Leila felt relieved. She felt better and tried her best to walk into the company with a smile.

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