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   Chapter 200 A Way To Go

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She had never doubted the strength of Freddy. But this matter was really hard to investigate, so she couldn't completely rely on Freddy. She still needed to ask from Daisy to see if there was anything found.

"Mr. Zhou, you can rest assured that I will put in a good word for you in front of Max after you enter the Mu Group."

With Leila's insistence, Freddy nodded and bowed in agreement. Sometimes, if he offered something, half the effort would be made.

It was a matter of power. Freddy would give full play to his power if he had the chance. And the result would also be different.

"You're welcome, Miss Leila. In that case, I'll start investigating it."

He then left the office. Leila didn't withdraw her gaze until he disappeared at the corner.

One reason was that Freddy needed to deal with it, and the other was that she could find some clues if the two worked together, so as to help the Max get through the difficulties.

There was a gap between a rock and a hard place in his heart. Therefore, as an outside force, she had to try her best. Although Max didn't want her to get involved, she wouldn't give up easily once Leila had made up her mind.

As Freddy left, another person appeared in front of the door. In the past five minutes, Leila looked at Daisy who was standing in front of her, a smile emerged at the corners of her mouth. She was about to look for her, but she came to her first. And it was just the right time, so that she would not arouse her suspicion.

"You are kidding me!"

The first sentence was said by Daisy when she came in. Leila's smile became more profound. She said: "You are joking, my sister. I've never done anything to anyone before. Why are the "kidding"?"

Leila was playing dumb. Daisy knew it. She snorted, "You made a false contract to fool me. Congratulations! You've made it and pushed me to the edge of the storm. But this time, you and Max are in trouble!"

There was a hint of complacency in her tone. Leila could not help raising her eyebrows. She had just led the topic to this. If she did not go on talking, it would be a waste of her efforts?

"That's true. Should I praise you for your ability to mobilize the forces of the Thousand Ming group?"

Hearing Leila's words, Daisy couldn't help but chuckle in smug satisfaction. She said, "I bet you didn't expect that the Thousand Ming group would also take part in the plan. Yes, even if the Mu Group is so powerful, they can't pull themselves together facing two strong enemies."

"You're right. But is it really good to show off in front of me that you could get benefits by using some shameless relationship?"

Leila offered an excuse. She wanted to make things more complicated. No matter whether the relationship between Daisy and the chairman of Thousand Ming Group was as close as the public thought, she wanted to test whether there was something wrong with her words and expression.

Hearing that, the expression on Daisy's face changed. She said in a cold voice, "You are slinging mud at me! There is nothing happening between me and my sworn father! "

"Oh," said Leila in a rising tone. "I believe that there is nothing between you and him, but do you think that the people in the societ

sharp tone that even Veron's face turned pale. He was choked by Leila's words.

"You repeatedly asked me to forgive you, but as far as I know, you haven't broken up with Daisy, my good sister. I've already talked about this before. Since you can't give me an official identity, then what's the difference between me and my current status?"

Leila stressed as she mentioned the matter again and again.

Dorothy still kept silent. As Leila was speaking, she could not stop, and she began to be aggressive again.

"Or do you have any confidence in yourself that can be compared to Max? You consider me to be a prostitute, just like you mentioned before. For my sake, I'd better choose a prostitute who is good for me instead of hooking up with other men. Don't tell me about love. If you really think about our relationship, you wouldn't have abandoned me in front of so many people. "

Leila was shaking all over. It was obvious that she was out of control.

"You should remember that you brought all this upon yourself!"

Leila had never shown such an evil side to Veron before.

This completely overturned action made Veron even unable to calm down. Leila took a deep breath and gradually calmed down.

The man in front of her frowned and didn't answer her, which made Leila think he was coward and incompetent. She must have been blind to like him before!

"I have finished my words. Bye!"

He didn't have time to react before she passed by, and even Veron just recovered from the shock. When he turned around, Leila had already got on Robert's car, and the car sped away, raising a cloud of dust in the sun.

The exhaust gas from his back seemed to laugh at his cowardliness and stupidity. Seeing that, Veron could not help but curl his hand on the palm of his fist grimly.

In fact, he had never thought of breaking up with Daisy, after all, they had been engaged. If they broke up at this time, it would be an irresponsible behavior for both the Lian family and the Song family.

As a victim of a political marriage, he had no stand. He could say no to her, not even a "no".

However, one day he would change his current state!

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