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   Chapter 199 Take The Initiative

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 10407

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When Leila heard the news, she realized that she had put Max in a very dangerous position.

It was Max who had made the squabble. As a result, the Mu Group had almost been short of funds because of the counterattack. The war between the two companies had been even more intense. What was more, another force Thousand Ming Group had joined the YN TV, which had an inexplicable connection with Daisy.

In fact, Leila was sure that it had something to do with Daisy. Perhaps it was just a trap she set up when the PD international plan came to find her. But still, there was doubt. If what Leila guessed was true, then Daisy's the diligent businessman would not have done such a thing in the evidence. Daisy failed to find out the truth.

Now the situation was a little complicated. Leila could only make her own guess, but she could not make any evidence to prove it. The most important thing at present was how to help Max get through the difficulty. Obviously, Senior Mr. Mu was irritated by his action.

It was very inconvenient for Max to have Spencer to help his manage the Mu Group. Spencer was ambitious, which was known to all.

But now he was back to confront him, which was a certain obstacle to the work of the Max.

Leila bent over the desk, feeling very sorry for her mistake she made. If she had been more careful and avoided all potential dangers, today's accident wouldn't have happened. And the Max couldn't have fallen into trouble.

"What's wrong?"

Wendi asked Leila, who was in frustration and regret, bending over the desk.

Leila felt like seeing a savior when she saw Wendi. After taking a look at her, she poured out all her troubles. Then Wendi became a listener. After hearing that, she began to analyze the problem.

"First of all, do you want to help Max get through this difficult situation?"

Leila nodded. Indeed, she didn't want to put Max in a dilemma just because of her. Besides, it seemed that Max couldn't solve the problem yet. If she didn't take actions now, it would only make Max even worse.

"Shouldn't YN TV be involved in a scuffle with the Mu group? And she has also joined a new force, the Thousand Ming group?"

Hearing Wendi asked like that, Leila nodded. That was exactly the problem. Why did Thousand Ming Group also take part in the fight between YN TV and the Mu Group?

It was obvious that Wendi also knew what was on Leila's mind, so she explained to her, "If my memory serves me right, YN TV has cooperation with Thousand Ming entertainment, and if something goes wrong with it, it will be a threat to Thousand Ming group as well. So it's natural for him to get involved."

Wendi's words enlightened Leila completely. She didn't expect that YN had such a connection with Thousand Ming entertainment before, so it was reasonable for him to believe what she just heard.

But it couldn't guarantee that the CEO of the Thousand Ming group had no other intentions. After all, in the past, the Thousand Ming group was just a competition with their peers. But when they learned the special relationship between the CEO of the Thousand Ming gro

mpany's hiring was closed up and they had to postpone his offer of firing. Besides, Freddy really didn't want to be an unoccupied manager in the Song Group!

"What can I do for you, Miss Leila?"

Freddy was a smart man. He knew that Leila must have something to ask for his help, so she was so frank to him.

"Mr. Zhou is really smart. This time I want Mr. Zhou to help me find out the relationship between Daisy and the chairman of the Thousand Ming group. You know that I am not allowed to get involved in this matter."

Leila was thinking that it would be a little awkward if she decided to intervene in other people's business as a member of their family, but now that Freddy came to her, she was really happy. If she could stay out of this, she would get a satisfying answer?

As for Freddy, he was the informer. As long as he found out what had happened, she would not have to worry about it.

At this point, another interview in Mu Group was stirred up, which laid a solid foundation for her actions.

'What a coincidence!

"Miss Leila, why do you do this?"

Freddy asked. He tried his best to satisfy Leila's requirements, but he couldn't figure out the reason. Why did she want to take revenge? For him, the fight between YN TV company and Mu Group was none of Daisy's business?

Leila knew that if she did not answer this question, Freddy would not be at ease. She said: "As the saying goes," know the enemy and yourself, and a hundred battles are languid. Only if we keep the relationship between Daisy and the chairman of the Thousand Ming group in hand accurately, can we grasp the development of things, and help the Mu Group to have a fewer competitor. "

As she said this, seeing Freddy looking at her, she added, "In this case, your interview won't be delayed."

As soon as Freddy heard his own interview, he thought of it immediately and nodded his head. He didn't care whether he could do it or not.

"Miss Leila, please rest assured. I will make sure that you will get what you want soon,"

He said seriously, and Leila agreed.

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