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   Chapter 197 A New Press Conference

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"It's none of your business."

The more he said this, the more worried Leila became. She frowned at him.

At this moment, the telephone on the table rang. Staring at the constantly ringing phone, Max's face darkened. But Leila smiled, looked at him and said, "The phone is ringing."

When Max saw that Leila was laughing like a cat, he couldn't help laughing. He released her body and answered the phone in a low voice, "what's up?"

Leila didn't hear what the other end of the line said, and the smile on Max's face became even paler. He hung up the phone after a "yes". Looking at his expression, Leila felt even more uneasy.

Did something bad happen to the Mu Group?

"What's wrong?"

Asked Leila after he hung up the phone. Looking at her, Max said indifferently, "nothing. Didn't you say that you have something to do? You can go back first."

Leila knew clearly that it meant to drive her away. But she had no reason to stay here any longer, so she had to leave in a hurry.

It was not until he saw Leila leave the office that Max became completely cold.

He found himself a good match in this battle. He could recover his vital energy in such a short time and launch an attack on him. It seemed that he had underestimated him.

"Transfer the immovable capital from the western city to the eastern city as a temporary deposit. As for the capital in the western city, I will try to solve it."

"Okay," replied Max as he made another call. His eyes got darker and darker.

The Mu Group was hit by another accident, which spread quickly in the whole D city. Even Leila felt more guilty about it.

As she expected, YN TV launched an attack again when he could respond. He speculated that they were the one who had caused the accident to the Mu Group.

In Leila's opinion, the power to overthrow the Mu Group must be unusual. After all, what happened this time was too difficult to calm down.

However, with her own ability, she could do nothing but worry, hoping that Max could be passed smoothly!

At this time, the evidence of Leila's plagiarism and Daisy's counterattack were leaked, as if in support of the news of the Mu Group's accident, the two collided again.

That was the rule of the media.

If a big piece of news was released, it would be difficult for the following small news to continue. After a series of discussion was aroused, and another piece of news would be suppressed in an instant, which made the small news unable to exist.

For instance, the matter about Leila was not a big deal. Although the matter about Max's company was a big one, Daisy was a smart woman. She released the news after what happened in Max's company, because the relationship between Max and Leila's, it bumped into the news again in an instant, causing a high profile.

Therefore, it avoided the risk brought by the Mu Group.

But she missed one thing during the whole process. She thought that as long as the news came out, there would be a chance for them to completely defeat Leila, but it turned out tha

if someone has dialed it."

As Leila said so, she guided one reporter into thinking.

All of them looked at the phone number. Some reporters started to get restless and took out their phones to make a call.

But the phone rang for a long time and was not answered. He could not help but ask, "is it a phone number that was casually made up?"

The phone rang for such a long time and no one answered it, which made people feel a little confused.

Leila took up her phone in front of him. The contents of her phone were all projected on the projection cloth so that everyone could see her movements.

She pressed the number and a name "Max" was shown on the screen. All the journalists were shocked.

No one had thought that such a result would be like this, but such news was like a sparkling umbrella, suddenly bringing everyone's thoughts back. Indeed, if it was Max, it made sense.

He doted on her so much that he gave the proposal to her in secret, and asked her to carry out it in his name.

But he had no idea why they signed a contract. Maybe it was because they were in a romantic relationship, or maybe something else. But the number on the contract was real.

Seeing the looks on everyone's face, Leila pressed the button.

The phone rang for a while. It was picked up after only a few seconds, different from what the reporter had just made. A pleasant low voice came through from the other end of the phone.

"What is it?"

After a pause, Leila smiled and answered, "I'm proving to others."

After a short pause, the voice on the other end of the phone said, "prove what?"

"To prove that I am not plagiarized."

Leila said as if it was a matter of course. All the journalists were shocked to sweat by her words. They had said that she was a plagiarist before. They had changed their mind after the press conference last time, but after the evidence came out, they pointed the finger at her without hesitation. They even felt guilty for what they had done to the woman against the wall.

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