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   Chapter 195 The Biggest Crisis Of YN TV (Part One)

Love Takes Time By Yue Mo Characters: 5668

Updated: 2020-03-07 00:32

A shocking news in D city happened. It was known to all that PD, of the most famous TV station in the country, was even in the places of fireworks. In fact, it was not surprising that the upper class went to the places where the fireworks were located. It was only that the upper class knew it very well, but they did not expose it. Yet, it was reported by someone in such an open way, which was quite convincing. We all sighed in awe.

His position in the YN base was under the leadership of many people. After this incident, his image was damaged and the company's image was damaged.

They were connected to each other. Consequently, the reputation of YN was damaged severely.

Originally, it was a good chance for them to throw away all the TV series, and ranked the first place of attention every year, but now it had fallen sharply. They were left behind by some unknown TV stations. Such a blow was really a big blow to them.

It was not exaggerated at all that the reputation was on the verge of being destroyed. Everyone knew the importance of ratings of a TV station. Therefore, it directly caused the biggest crisis in the history of YN!

Some people had guessed whether somebody had tailed YN in that accident when YN had been in the capital city last time. Otherwise, why hadn't any accident happened for so many years, but it had suddenly become like this now.

If there was no one sabotaging the news, no one would believe it. But the person who bore such a deep grudge against YN had destroyed a domestic TV station.

No one knew why. After all, ordinary people could not guess what happened in the upper class. But this news was enough for them to talk with with with re

Wendi paused for a while. They looked like each other after listening to what she said.

After all, if something bad happened to YN, that would be a good thing for Leila. Besides, who could stand up to the domestic first TV station and pushed it to the current state with an irreversible force.

Since it wouldn't be a bad thing, the result was obvious. Wendi said in a roundabout way, "But if they can make it right, the Mu Group might get into trouble."

As for Wendi, Leila agreed with her. That's why she didn't worry about her own business, but worried about Max.

As the number one television station in the country, of course YN's capabilities could not be underestimated. Since he had climbed to his current position, it meant that he was extraordinary. Even if he was in great trouble now, he would never suffer from depression.

There was a chance that the YN TV would make a comeback and the Mu Group would be in dispute at that time.

Therefore, Leila focused all her attention on Max, and knew that he was hurt because of her. She was very sorry for that, but at the same time, she had a strange feeling.

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