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   Chapter 193 Carrying A Foreshadowing

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Daisy was in the limelight now. Her name had been spread to every corner of the city, and Leila, the chief culprit, was snickering.

"This is a gift for her. She might like it, right?"

Said Leila. Hearing what Leila said, Wendi, who sat opposite to her, chuckled.

"Who knows."

It completely destroy her image, and also bribe her in such a shameless way, she had to correct the mistake she had made. Leila did what she said, and she dragged Daisy into the mire completely.

But that was what she deserved. If Daisy hadn't been so bold to drag her into the news, she wouldn't have been like this. After all, Leila was a kind woman, but no one would believe her. After all, Leila was a ruthless woman in other people's eyes.

Leila was waiting for her next move. She knew that the woman would never give up attacking her. And since she was stumbled, she was determined to come back.

But she couldn't do anything to Leila even if she took out the evidence. After all, she had done something to it. She must leave a way out for herself, which was Leila's usual way.

"Tomorrow is the deadline for the show. I hope everything will be okay."

Leila nodded with a serious look on her face. She admitted that the show would be broadcast tomorrow. She had kept out of the affair this time, but she was not sure what new tricks Daisy would use to drag her in.

Now her reputation and the company were closely tied. If anything happened to her, the company would definitely be involved, and it would have a impact on the show that would be broadcast soon. Therefore, she had to guarantee that nothing would go wrong.

It seemed that she had to make a trip to the Song Group.

"I'm going back to the Song Group. Would you like to go with me?"

Leila asked Wendi knowingly. Hearing that, the latter nodded with a playful smile.

"Of course."

As for the company, after so many days of getting along, they were also clear about Leila's ability. So even if she wasn't in the company this afternoon, nothing would happen. They had almost finished the work they needed to do and were only waiting for tomorrow's program to be broadcast. Therefore, they were quite easy in the afternoon. They went to the song group together with Leila, and then they would be busy againWhat's the matter?

So in the afternoon, Leila and theon were heading for the song group. Knowing that a fierce battle was about to start, they both had the expectation of what would happen next.

To a certain extent, Leila and theon were the same kind of people. They were frustrated and brave, daring to be creative and accept challenges!

After they got into the car, she saw both of them itching to fight. She couldn't help raising her eyebrows and asked, "what's wrong? Are you going to a battle?"

Katherine gave him a stare and didn't say anything. She keenly felt the change of their relationship, and knew that it must have been some subtlety changes that she hadn't cared about these days.

With a smile of pleasure, she looked at the Wendi, whose face turned red and stared at her without saying anything. Seeing their interaction in the rearview mirror, Robert could not help but chuckle.

"Are you going to attend our

ed. She was not wrong, which was thought by viola.

She couldn't tolerate anyone to bully her, so she would revenge, and today was the day!

"Do you know that your words have caused me into trouble?"

There was an unimaginable dark side in her voice.

Leila pretended to be tender, but her tone was vicious. She could not bear to look directly at her. Leila raised an eyebrow and looked at Aiden. Then she said in a helpless tone.

"Lisa, it was you who started the whole thing. I have no choice. If you don't do it yourself, I will be the one who should suffer at this time,"

Leila contradicted her with understatement. Viola's face turned gloomy. She paused and then chuckled.

"After all, we are sisters. How could you be so cruel to me?"

Leila sneered inside, but her face remained calm.

"Nowadays, every man lives for himself. Don't you think so, sister?"

Hearing that, the smile on Ken's face turned deeper.

"That's true. Now that you think so, you can't blame me,"

Looking at Leila who was lured by her step by step, Qin's smile expanded in her heart. It seemed that this woman's IQ was really not good. She was led into a trap by such a few words.

Leila smiled at her. She knew why she looked complacent, but she was just playing along with it.

She would use the dirty evidence she was about to release to push her into the abyss.

It was estimated that she would have a nervous breakdown when she knew the truth. She didn't expect that the evidence that could be used to reverse the situation was so irreversible to her?

And it didn't feel good to see her failure when she was full of confidence.

After she was finished, Daisy arrogantly left the office and Wendi behind her, looking at her leaving figure, she could not help sneering.

"What an arrogant woman!"

While she said that, Leila shrugged. Indeed, if Daisy could think deeply, she would find something wrong.

But with her arrogance, it was difficult for her to do so. So Leila didn't have to worry that Daisy would suddenly realize the trap she set.

They could only wait for the scene when she released the news tomorrow.

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