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   Chapter 192 Turn The Tide

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"Don't say that I am making a fuss. When you are in my position, as a victim of the news, I have this idea, even if it is a little appeal to you. Their voice will make you feel warm. You must have known the Internet for a long time, so you should know better than me about the current state of the Internet. "

Leila's words were loud and clear, and no one refuted her. The scene seemed to have become the stage of her speech, and it's no longer the stage of being asked by reporters.

After looking around, she nodded to Wendi behind the people then she invited all the staff and leaders of the Mu Group.

These people had a certain impact and strength in the business world. After all, they were employees and leaders of the Mu Group, especially those leaders of the higher levels, who were elites.

These people had often appeared on TV when they were doing business shows, so these reporters who had dealt with the Internet were more familiar with them. Therefore, when seeing this group of huge backup, the reporters were all surprised.

'what's going on? Why are these top executives here?' They wondered.

The first to speak was Sara, who had a misunderstanding with Leila before. Now she had been promoted to the general manager of the personnel department by Max.

She was young and still a girl, so she naturally drew a lot of attention from the outside world, and thus she had a quite good reputation here. Now she attracted the attention of reporters when she appeared here!

Sara said after she stood on the stage and looked at the reporters below her.

"Hello, friends from the journalists, I am the general manager of the personnel department of the Mu Group. I am invited by Miss Leila to clarify something for her."

When she said this, the reporters downstairs began to realize what she came for today.

Sara continued, "it is said online that Miss Leila's plan is a plagiarism. I don't agree on it."

"Not only me, the group who participated the theme fashion show all denied the news. We can even give the person who spread that kind of news a lawyer's letter, because the news is completely made up. The theme of the fashion show of the Mu Group was completely directed by Miss Leila shooting in Hainan."

"I can say that I have never seen a person in charge who is as dutiful as Miss Leila. She even fainted because of having sunstroke during the shooting. You say she is a plagiarist. How can we accept this piece of news?"

Sara blew up that long speech. Hearing that, all the reporters present were somewhat surprised, as they had not expected such a situation.

Seeing that everybody was rendered speechless by her words, Sara paused and said.

"Everyone has his or her own thoughts and I can't force you to change your minds. But I hop

was angry and dark faced. He pointed at the newspapers on the ground and said.

"Check for yourself!"

Seeing the black bold title, Viola turned her eyes on the newspapers scattered on the ground. She was shocked.

"Mr. Song, there are more stories in the world of plagiarism. Someone revealed the real murderer of his half sister. Is it a between two sisters? Or did they kill each other? 】

The simple and direct title helped to sort out the grudges between Leila and Daisy. It was also because of this that the Song Group had once again encountered a big blow in business.

The internal strife between the sisters became a laughing stock of the Song Group in a short time. For a few days, Johnson endured it, but he really couldn't stand it anymore. He didn't expect that the obedient Daisy in front of him would do such a thing!

When she told him about this, he just dispelled his doubts about Leila. He had no other thoughts. But his daughter actually exposed this news, which not only did harm to Leila's reputation, but also had a great impact on the Song Group. Hadn't she thought of this!

Now he had no time to think about whether Leila was framed or it was true. His main purpose was to help Daisy.

The trouble was made by her, and she had to find a way to fill it!

"You have two days to make it right!"

Johnson said in a cold tone, and Viola's face had been pale all the time. She nodded and said, "I see."

She didn't know the news until today. It had been spread to every corner of the city. The original bride of the news was Leila, but now it had become her unconsciously.

It was obvious that who had done it. It was her negligence that she didn't expect Leila to do such a thing that completely messed up her plan, and even dragged her into this matter. She fell down on the ground!

She must take her revenge!

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