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   Chapter 191 a press conference

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Wendi did things with high efficiency. The moment Wendi got into the Mu Group, she was still suspicious, yet when she announced her purpose, many approving people were attracted instantly.

Wendi didn't expect that. She thought Leila's guess was wrong, but it turned out to be true.

However, on a second thought, considering Leila’s current relationship with Mr. Mu, even if Max didn't ask the employees to be in her favor, these employees should do it by guessing the wil of the superior.

So the result was quite understandable. Wendi smiled, she was quite satisfied with the current situation.

Now that all the top leaders were contacted, then the press conference should be prepared.

Press conference was a technical work. They couldn't get the result they wanted if they randomly searched some reporters. Generally speaking, the reporters in a press conference had communicated with them before and couldn't pose any threat in a certain sense, yet they would do the opposite way today. They specially looked for some reporters who were aggressive with sharp questions.

Only in this way could the counterattack effect be realized to a certain extent.

The sharper and more difficult the problems were, the more better the effect would be if Leila performed well. Although the path was risky, the result would be much better than others.

However, other people wouldn't choose such an adventure. Leila was always bold and novel. So she wasn't afraid of failure. What she was afraid was that she didn't have the courage to try anything new.

Therefore, during the afternoon press conference, people saw a weird scene.

Leila was the main character of today's show, but she was not on the stage, yet she was among the reporters. She didn't act in the same way as the general press conference. Thus the scene was heated again, and no one knew what she was going to do?

Leila had her own idea. The press conference was very important to both her company's reputation and the program that she was about to release. Therefore, it was very important to her. And the normal way of the press conference was extremely disadvantageous for her. It was better to change the way of the conference so as to grasp the initiative. Therefore, she made such a scene as today.

Leila was thoughtful. There seemed to be no difference between taking the initiative and being passive. But if someone held the initiative, the success rate would already be estimated as 50%.

Knowing that, Leila did well on this aspect. She has taken the initiative.

Wendi could guess what Leila was going to do next from the moment she saw the scene, and she stood on the stage with excitement. She thought the press conference would probably be a fierce fight.

It had been a long time since the last time they saw such an exciting scene, which caused the atmosphere to burn to the fire.

Leila seemed leisurely and carefree among these reporters. Perhaps it was their first time to see such a friendly leader, those reporters were somewhat confused, wondering what she was going to do next?

"The press conference will begin in ten minutes. Let's take

in a somewhat euphemistic way.

"You asked me this question with skill."

The female reporter was a little embarrassed when Leila praised her.

"This question is almost the same as the last one. As I said, a clean hand wants no washing."

Leila gave a vague answer. Then another reporter asked, "But the news is not groundless. So Miss Leila, can you give us a definite answer?"

Good, she finally met a journalist directly pointed out the key point. Leila looked at him with great joy, which made the journalist confused for a while. He had never seen a person asked by a question pointed out by a few words could smile like this.

"In fact, as for this question, I have two answers."

Leila's words were full of confidence, which confused the journalists present.

It was the first time that they has met such a party that was cooperating actively. She had even prepared two answers.

Leila looked around and replied, "I didn't do it, but I believe if I said so, there would be a lot of reporters wanting to ask me. For example, the reporter said it was not a groundless rumor. Then why did it spread out that I plagiarized the work of others? "

The way Leila asked herself back made everyone speechless.

As she said, in the press conference Leila has completely dominated the stage.

Leila smiled gracefully.

"Yes, it's true. Everything in the world is not groundless. But this reporter, have you ever thought of this possibility that I was wronged?"

Hearing her question, the reporters were all shocked. To be honest, when the news came out, some people have proposed this possibility. After all, all the world was divided into two groups. One side said yes, while the other side denied.

Although they did not know the truth, they concluded only based on their own judgment. This was the power of the so-called public opinion.

And all online violence was caused by this kind of thought.

"Many people think so that I am wronged, but more people believed the news. No one cares about this point. Yet today I asked all the people who believed me to come here."

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