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   Chapter 189 They Are All Alone Since They Are Favored

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She knew very well what kind of person Daisy was? As for "she did him a big favor", which was often mentioned by Wayne. If he was not making up, then there must be someone else who was behind all this to instigate Daisy.

As for the purpose of their doing so, the result is unknown, and Leila knew at this time, since it can't find out the situation, then let it be.

Just when Leila wanted to ask more, the phone next to Wayne began to vibrate. He looked at the caller ID and then pressed the answer button. He spoke in a low voice, with a little complex look on his face.

"Miss Song, Mr. Mu, I'm sorry. I just got a call from the company. There's something I have to deal with, so I can't go with you."

Then he got up and packed up his belongings. When Leila and Max nodded, he rushed out of the room and left.

His back and footsteps looked anxious. Leila didn't doubt whether his words were true or not. Anyway, it was meaningless to talk about it. She'd better leave early.

"What do you think?"

It sounded like what she got from a teacher's question after a political class. Leila was confused.

She asked, after a long while.

"He was talking about Daisy. I don't believe him. As the chairman of an entertainment company, why would he care about a nobody?"

Hearing what Leila said, Max looked at her and told her. "There's someone behind Daisy."

"Who is it?"

When Leila heard this, she reflexively asked, Max answered, "It's not certain yet."

But it didn't mean that he didn't say it. Leila curled her lips with discontent, and her expression was captured by Max. Max could not help raising his eyebrows.

When did she dare to show such an expression to him?

But it looked much better than the stereotyped smiling face.

"Let's go."

As Max spoke, he stood up. Leila hurried to him and praised his arm in a natural way.

When they walked out of the restaurant, they found that it was sunny and the weather was good. It was rare to have a good mood. Leila and Max walked on the side of the road side by side.

They had never dated in this way, which could fulfill normal value between them.

After all, Max wasn't led Leila to the direction of the company. She was wandering around the city aimlessly. This was also a way to make her feel comfortable. After Leila was taken by the man for a while, they entered a cafe.

Melodious piano music and simple coffee wafted into the shop. Leila took a deep breath and couldn't help smiling.

In fact, it was not a big deal for her to maintain such a peaceful life all the time. That was to consider the marriage Senior Mr. Mu said that between Max and her.

The topic was a heavy one for Leila. She shook it off, and walked with

Then I will tell you."


Listening to their conversation, Leila couldn't help but sigh. Between words, their status was obvious. There was no exaggeration to say that what Rosa did was to degrade herself.

She wasn't a person who held her own aloofness. Almost all the men in the world were the same. When you wanted to get close to him, you had to use both hard and soft tactics to achieve what you wanted.

Of course, this method didn't work on Max as well. But it was not so hard for Rosa to thank him, but it was useless.

"Rosa, I remember you told me to keep an eye on the gift shop? How about we go there and have a look? "

As a way to show his gratitude to Rosa, Grady said so.

It was common for people to have a grudge against their loved ones. Leila watched as if they were a drama in which two people were singing a duet.

Although they disguised themselves well, she could hear their real voices. Leila held her chin with a high spirit in her eyes.

"We can go to the gift shop next time. What's my suggestion, Max ?"

Rosa asked. She didn't care about the frown on Grady's face.

"Don't worry. I'll leave the matter to the company to make a plan. You don't have to worry about it."

Max was still so ruthless. Rosa's face turned pale and finally stopped talking.

But Grady couldn't stand it anymore, so he slapped the table and stood up.

"Max, why can't you be nicer to Rosa! She loves you so much! "

It was probably the first time for Leila to hear about the moral kidnap of love. Then the words, of course, came from a man's mouth, were for the woman he loved, and for the sake of seeking justice for her.

Such things happened every day, but the first time things was around Leila, she only felt extremely awkward, even more awkward than the people involved.

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