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   Chapter 188 The Negotiation

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Following her into this small entertainment company, employees had almost made friends with Leila, so people here were no longer so ironic to her as they were when they first met. After getting along with her for such a long time, they all knew who she was. Therefore, every time they saw Leila, they greeted her.

They wore sincere expressions on their faces, which surprised Max. He didn't expect that the little woman was so capable that she could win the hearts of her employees.

However, compared with Leila who was calm and collected in front of Max, other women in the company were much more restless.

Who was this man? Throughout the country, few financial resources and resources were comparable to him. His property, which spanned across the whole South Sea, had grabbed almost half of the earth's production chain.

He was rich enough to be described as the 'golden turtle husband'. Even the hair falling from his head was expensive.

It was not an exaggeration. Although Max had a wealthy background, he always kept a low profile, and this had laid a deep foundation for his business reputation. Although he was not flattery, he was admired by talents and enterprise management.

That was the right way to manage a group.

Now Max came to the small entertainment company, how could these women not be excited?

Every woman has the dream of a Cinderella turning into a princess? Therefore, all the women in the building of six floor were boiling up.

Leila didn't expect that there would be such a huge reflection in the company. Max had come once when she just took over the company. Why didn't they be as lively as today?

What Leila didn't know was that the arrival of Max was not known by many people. It was just the artists who were involved in it. And the artists had always been self-conscious, who would never degrade themselves and approached them actively.

Today, everybody knew that the employees at the bottom of the society were eager to be promoted by dragon Empire group and marry into the rich and powerful family, and who cared about their formalities? They were so desperate to stick to Max. If the bodyguards who always followed Max, Max might have been surrounded by these women now.

Leila looked at the scene in front of her in shock, and then turned to look at Max.

"Do you want to imitate them?"

Hearing Max asked like that, Leila abruptly turned around and shook her head in a hurry.

"No, I didn't."

When she entered the office, the room was finally a little quiet. Then the door was opened, and she saw Wendi push-in.

Yet, she still remained calm and raised her eyebrows when she met Max.

"Mr. Mu."

She greeted in a low voice, sort of like greeting. Then she walked to Leila and reported to her about the recent progress of cooperation with TV.

It had to be said that the choice of this cooperative TV station was right. There were still two days left before the first broadcast of the program. At this time, all kinds of late progress was being stre

m his heart. Leila could see his character clearly. She knew that a person like him would never offer to help others. If what he said was true, then he must have to pay a price.

If Leila's pursuit was reputation, maybe his temptation would work, but today he was looking for the wrong person. Leila was very afraid of this TV station because the people inside it made her uncomfortable.

Even if they had cooperated with each other before, it was not what Leila wanted. So even if she lost such an excellent partner, she didn't feel regretful.

"Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Our company is as competent as the TV station we are working on. Besides, we get along well with each other. So I think it's unnecessary for us to make a change."

Leila spoke out her mind, she not only didn't offend Wayne, but also expressed her position clearly.

Wayne didn't feel embarrassed by her words, instead, he seemed to react as expected. He nodded and said, "Well, then I have to worry more and look forward to the show of Miss Song."

Hearing his words, Leila felt even more uneasy, as if he had prepared a trap, waiting for her to jump down, She felt very uncomfortable as she was framed.

"Thank you, Mr. Wan. By the way, may I ask you one more question?"

Leila's eyes fell on Wayne, who raised his eyebrows and said, "Miss Song, please go ahead."

"When did you know my sister, Daisy?"

Leila asked. A strange look flashed across Wayne's face, which was noticed by Leila. She seemed to understand and added, "I don't mean anything else. After all, Daisy is my sister. As her elder sister, I should care more about her. Only in this way can I live up to her title as sister. What do you think? "

"Miss Song is right. I knew Daisy half a year ago. At that time, she had done a big favor to our company. She is a capable girl. So I decided to adopt her as my sworn daughter."

Hearing his explanation, Leila nodded. She didn't want to talk about it anymore, but had a general idea of the whole thing.

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