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   Chapter 187 Adding Fuel To The Fire

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Daisy glanced around and finally fixed her eyes on Leila. Then she walked towards Leila with a sweet smile.

Leila was surprised to find that Daisy was walking towards her. She couldn’t but have a strange feeling. The arrival of Daisy may not stand for something good, especially in such a public place.

It seemed that they would be in a tit for tat state today. While in fact, Daisy didn’t have a good memory. After so many fights, Daisy always ended up with failure as a loser. Daisy was sill so brave, which was admirable.

Yet the first words said by Daisy surprised Leila.

"Sister, my adopted father wants to see you. Do you have time?"

Daisy said this without any trace of arrogance and coldness in her tone. Leila raised her eyebrows and knew that Daisy must be afraid of losing support in front of others.

The adopted father Daisy just mentioned should be the chairman of the Thousand Ming, and Leila has been worrying about inquiring the relationship between these two people. Today she got a good opportunity.

Leila moved her body, looking calm on the surface.

"How could I refuse the invitation of Mr. Wan?"

Hearing Leila's words, a dash of delight flashed across Daisy's face. Keenly noticing that, Leila pressed her lips, and she knew that this time it wasn't just "see" as Daisy has said.

They would know that very soon.

"Then, sister, are you going now?"

Daisy asked this question. There was a hint of eagerness in her voice. Leila raised her eyebrows and said, "I can't go tonight. You know that I have planned the theme clothing show, so the final arrangement must also be perfect."

Leila purposely exaggerated the tone of her voice, which made Daisy sneer in her heart. ‘On the surface, Leila was so dedicated, but in fact, wasn’t she secretly looking for someone to do her work?

The two faced woman looked disgusting.’

Daisy thought a lot. With Leila remained calm on the surface all the time as if she had planned the whole thing.

However, there was a hypocrisy on Leila in Daisy's eyes. Of course, Dais was the only one.

After all, all the people on this party agreed on Leila's ability, and the evidence in the hands of Daisy was forged by Leila. This was exactly the effect that Leila wanted.

"How about another day?"

There was a slight smile on the face of Daisy. Seeing that, Leila raised the corners of her mouth. It seemed that Daisy has become smarter after staying with smart people for a long time.

At least Daisy knew how to restrain her emotion.

"How about the day after tomorrow? If Mr. Wan is available, I can go at any time."

Hearing what Leila said, Daisy nodded.

"That's it. I'll tell my adopted father about it."

Leila nodded slightly. Then she saw that Daisy looked around and asked, "Where is Mr. Mu? Isn't he with you? "

There was a hint of sarcasm in Daisy's tone. And Leila pretended not to know that. She shrugged her shoulders and said.

"Who knows?"

Hearing that, a glimmer of hope flashed across Daisy's eyes. Daisy thought if she was really lucky enough to be with Max, her future would be immeasurable.

Since Leila could do that, then why couldn't her?

Although Max owned a large number of assets, he was just a man after all. No matter how cold-blooded he was, he could not escape from the temptation of women, which was the belief of Daisy.

Daisy thought, as time

y, she had jealousy.

This should also be regarded as a miracle.

Thrive on pressure. Not everyone could have such a character. Sometimes, Leila admired this sister with a little blood relationship.

"You and who?"

Long later, Max said this. Leila got a little confused, but she quickly realized that Max was asking who would be with her to meet the chairman of Thousand Ming.

"I'm alone!"

When she said this, Leila thought she was asking for trouble. In this case, how could she say this? She knew it clearly that Max wouldn't agree to let her take the risk alone, but she didn't want to be followed by a group of bodyguards who were easy to expose themselves. It was very provocative.

"Wendi said she would come with me if she was free tomorrow,"

Leila added. Max took a glance at her and said, "I will accompany you, so you tell Wendi not to come."

Leila made a sound to respond, then she was shocked. 'Does he mean that he will go with me to meet the chairman of Thousand Ming tomorrow?'?

The turning point of this matter was so surprising that it was hard for Leila to accept it instantly. Although she was used to the overbearing style of Max, she still felt her heart beating fast sometimes.

‘How useless I am!’ Leila cursed herself secretly. She could not resist his lure!

After spending a whole day with Max in the apartment, Leila finally found the night turn into the daytime. Leila got up, washed up and waited for Max downstairs.

Even it was a few hours away from the date at noon, Leila dressed up a little earlier as she was used to. She has always been well prepared in advance, just in case of any emergency. Leila was thoughtful in this respect.

Max was dressed in a black suit, looking more handsome and extraordinary. The abstinent temperament made Leila blush.

Satisfied with her reaction, a smile finally appeared on the usual poker face of Max. Looking at the smile, Leila's heart skipped a beat.

"Stop looking. Let's eat."

Hearing the voice of Max, Leila realized that she has been staring at him, and how bold her eyes were. She could not help but feel annoyed and quickly retracted her gaze. Her face turned redder.

They had a nice breakfast together. At noon, Leila returned to the company.

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