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   Chapter 186 A Dinner Party

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"Ten minutes has passed. Let them get ready to go on the stage."

After hearing Leila's words, Hunter nodded and went into the backstage.

Leila went back to the audience again. The scene she was watching was different from what she saw at the backstage. Leila liked to watch the visual feast in front of her in spectator seats.

When the first model came out with refined Han elements, it had caused a sensation all over the venue.

The word 'Han' was not common in most people's eyes. So people were curious about it which was novel enough to make them care more about today's fashion show.

And she took advantage of this reaction to maximize the show.

She had made great efforts to match the models in terms of make-up, hairstyle and dress. She couldn't allow any disharmony to happen to them.

When the model was dressed in this harmonious match, the attention of the whole crowd was suddenly drawn.

The flashlight twinkled so fiercely.

When the models came out one after another, it was hard to describe the shock of the show.

The atmosphere reached a state of excitement, but there was still no sign of heat dissipating. The whole show had been in a state of boiling.

Leila, sitting in the spectator seat, felt that the visual feast in front of her was so dazzling.

Of course, this was not all their contents. There were a few last ones. The last ones, of course, were not improved by Han elements, but in the state of real Hanfu.

When numerous groups of models were wearing the strictly made Hanfu, the whole hall went to a high point again.

These clothes were designed according to a variety of well-tailored Chinese customs, which made a more dignified and visual effect.

Slip skirt, robe, coat skirt, hair accessories and makeup of models were also of contemporary style.

There were different styles in bun, including home style, double knife style and lily style, which were rarely seen on TV. Now, showing vividly in front of the audience, they attracted much attention.

Today's fashion show was really amazing, full of surprises, and the last episode was even more amazing!

The photos Hunter had taken hasn't been released to the public, just to highlight the theme of today's fashion show.

They were photos after all. Therefore, they were more amazed than the real persons by being able to freeze frame the most beautiful part of the model. What's more, along with the post-effect, it was even more amazing!

The picture on the big screen behind them was three-dimensional and appeared in front of the crowd with a sense of equanimity.

With cover, one could only see blurred body. That was exactly what catch people's eyes.

The most stunning of those photos were the set about ripples reflected in the night.

The three-dimensional image made it look like a scene that could only be described in the fairy realm.

When Leila saw the result of the scenes she guided have just performed, she had a sense of satisfaction, but more was a sense of ease.

She finally did not screw up the theme of the fashion show, showing it in the most perfect form. She believed that after this theme show, everyone's attitude towards her would also change greatly.

But it was good with bad. The trap she set for herself was to discredit herself after the theme of this fashion show.

However, according to the confidence of the theme s

she would have more contact and cooperation with TV stations. Therefore, everything would be fine after she tied the relationship with her.

"Do you have a partner for tonight's dinner party?"

Joy said casually, without the least care about Leila's identity.

It was a well-known fact in D city that she was the woman of Max now.

Obviously, Joy didn't remind of that. Leila paused for a while and asked, "why do I need a partner? I'm okay by myself. "

Hearing that, Joy raised her eyebrows and said, "as the saying goes, men and women should work together!"

Leila didn't respond. She pressed her lips and didn't go on with this topic.

The night fell soon after their constant communication.

It got dark before everybody could realize what had happened. The dinner party was set at 7 p.m. in summer. It was a very early time.

It was not completely dark, and there was still a trace of light. The sun had already gone down the mountain. Leila and Joy went to the dinner hall side by side.

Maybe it was because they had nothing to do, they came a little early. At this time, there were not many people on the banquet. Only two or three staff were decorating the scene.

After a short while, people came in one after another. Leila sat in an inconspicuous seat. In today's party she was not the main character, but to offer a simple emotional communication to those who were observing the theme of fashion week.

It was a reward for the audience who were watching the fashion theme today and an platform for communication.

So Leila sat quietly in the corner and didn't join them.

But there was something that she couldn't get away with even if she didn't want to be involved. Looking at the woman walking towards her, Leila's eyebrows were furrowed.

Why is Daisy here?

The banquet was open to the outside, and there were no many restrictions. Juts people with certain social status could get into the banquet. But she was still a little surprised to see Daisy here.

She didn't even appear at the fashion show. If she was here for gathering information, she shouldn't have come at this time. Then what did she come for?

An ominous premonition arose in her heart. Leila pursed her lips, trying to dispel her uneasiness.

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