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   Chapter 185 The Fashion Show Is On (Part Two)

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"How about you? How's the company going?"

Just when Leila was silent, Sandra said. She paused for a moment, as she remembered what happened when she met her when she was in PD of LN international group. A trace of coldness flashed across her handsome face, but it quickly disappeared. She answered, "not bad."

As for those unbearable things, she didn't need to tell others to get sympathy.

Hunter didn't ask any more questions. They just walked to the door in silence, and then separated.

The theme of the fashion week was started at 12 o'clock on time, and everything was ready in the morning. Although it had a rehearsal yesterday, and nothing unexpected would happen, everything should still be careful. After all, it was a live show.

The phrase of "Fashion Week" represented the trend of this season. The spread of popular factors would definitely affect the economic changes of the city.

The Mu Group managed to control the money flow, leading not only in economic but also in fashion. Many companies began to learn from the Mu Group and hold fashion week, but their performance was far less satisfactory than the Mu Group.

Leila didn't know the reason, but she could roughly guess that it was judged according to one's own ability.

Leila was confident in her plan and everything, although it wasn't done by Max himself, and she believed that it would make a hot topic when the theme was released today.

Of course, this was just what she thought in her heart. The real fact still needed to be seen. And it all depended on today's development.

A busy morning passed, but Leila didn't see Max. She didn't know what he was d

were preparing.

When Leila entered the backstage, she was in the illusion of teleporting. An idea flashed through her mind. She looked for the figure of Hunter in the crowd. After a round, she finally found him. She walked to him and whispered a few words to him. His eyes lit up, nodded and followed her.

Someone was standing at the door of the backstage and recorded the scenes in front of them. Although they were not posing, they were more natural and real. Leila wanted to spread the real image to the public so that people would have the same feeling as hers, as if they had traveled through time and space.

After taking the video and photos, Hunter put down his camera and said to her, "you are really something! How can you come up with this new way?"

It was necessary to be creative as a photographer, but he believed that although he had been working in the photography industry for many years, his creative mind was even less sharper than this person who didn't even know anything about photography.

There was a strange look in his eyes. Looking at her, Hunter drew a smile.

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