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   Chapter 183 The Launch Event

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Therefore, it was not too late to just take her as a stranger. After all, according to the expression of Max in his eyes just now, it really made her disappointed.

She sighed and decided to sleep without thinking.

After tossing and turning on the bed, she finally went to sleep as she was willing to. When she woke up in the morning, it was drizzling outside.

This kind of rainy weather made people feel very uncomfortable. Leila, lying in bed for a long time, didn't want to get up. On a rainy day, she didn't want to do anything.

What's more, after the incident happened yesterday, Leila was totally discouraged.

After Wendi making the phone call with her, she stood up lazily.

As soon as she got back to the office, Wendi walked towards her and asked, "How is the thing going about yesterday?"

As an old saying went, it was acceptable for Wendi to talk about it. But Leila didn't want to talk about it either, so she answered indifferently, "It didn't got the cooperation."


To be honest, she didn't expect such a result. She had always been confident in Leila's strength. And that was why she couldn't accept it.

Why did she give up? Her plan was perfect, coupled with her negotiation ability, she should have done her best to win the cooperation.

But when she saw a strange expression on the latter's face, Wendi realized that there was nothing fishy about it.

"Is there anything wrong?"

Wendi asked with utmost care. Wendi didn't know what was going on, but she believed she'd better keep a low profile.

Leila glanced at her and decided not to hide it from her.

"Do you know about the hidden rules?"

Hearing this, Wendi was in a state of shock. Although the hidden rules of the entertainment circle were well-known, no one had been able to break them out, she had been in this industry for a long time and had never met the hidden rules they said. Was it possible that Leila had met the hidden rules yesterday?

But now that she spoke it out to her so frankly today, it meant that he did not get what he wanted yesterday.

A trace of viciousness flashed across her heart. She didn't expect that the PD of grand night casino, a famous school, would be such a lecher!

But they couldn't risk their money to do anything. After all, Leila was also involved. If she wanted to expose this, she would also drag Leila in, and she didn't want to see such a result.

"Are you okay?"

Wendi asked worriedly. Leila shook her head to reassure her.

So she let it go. Leila didn't plan to do anything to stop it. After all, YN TV station was well under control in the country, and had a great influence in the domestic film and television circles. She wasn't afraid of it even if she just owned a small company.

She didn't plan to confront him head on. She was just too confident about herself. And the result was obvious. She didn't take any action against him.

But the cooperation should continue. After all, a perfect plan should not be wasted.

They just learned a lesson from this time, so they had to be more careful in finding their partners.

It was an learnt lesson. Leila had always been careful about finding a partner.

As the saying goes, everything comes to the people who wish. It took

, "There will be more than one hundred people who love Hanfu clothes at the fashion week. Is that you arranged this?"

Hearing that, Leila shook her head. "Not me."

The conclusion seemed to come to Max's mind. When she heard the news, and Leila was a little surprised. For one hundred people who love Hanfu clothes, since they knew that the theme of this fashion week was Chinese Hanfu clothing, they must be the people from the team, because the news had always been in a closed state, and no one knew about it.

Now that there were more than one hundred people who love Hanfu clothes at the scene, tomorrow's news was even more exaggerated. Although people had already known that this fashion week show had nothing to do with YN, this sign indicated that something was fishy.

"By the way, can I go there tomorrow?"

Leila asked. Although she had told Wendi that she would attend the party, without the consent of Max. After all, Mu Group was his and she couldn't make decision for herself.

"Of course."

When Leila's voice fell, Max replied in an indifferent tone, as if he didn't care about this matter.

Since Leila had got the answer she wanted, she didn't pester him anymore. She went upstairs, washed her face and was ready to sleep.

However, Max didn't come up after she went upstairs, and Leila knew that he was not at the apartment tonight.

He seemed to be very busy these days, but he thought it was reasonable. After all, the fashion week would be released tomorrow, and there were still a lot of things to be handled by him in this period.

However, living here alone was a big apartment, which was totally different from the one he had lived in before. Now she felt a little lonely.

Leila felt like she was crazy. A mocking smile tugged at the corner of her mouth, and she fell asleep.

The next day, the theme fashion week would be released, so Leila got up at six o'clock.

As soon as Leila thought of the result after the launch of the fashion week, she remembered Johnson. He should have been planning it. Now all his doubts about her were dispelled.

After all, she had put a lot of work in handing the document to Daisy.

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